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    2. hallo1994
    3. dirtd0g


      It worked, too... We tried to lose a game that night and it didn't happen.

  1. Do your civic duty and vote!
  2. (Re)building a clan is certainly easier when you aren't doing everything alone... Thanks guys!

    1. PrimeDynasty


      My jimmies are really rustled, cause i am not include in the clans Clan Hierarchy. I will be taking this to the council.

    2. dirtd0g


      You're included under "Meaningless Assholes".

  3. Been listening to top-200 montages from the past decade during this fucking stupid last-minute night shift... I really haven't missed too much. However, I'm impressed at the contrast of derivative "too-loud-to-drown-out-the-badness" electronic shit and soulful acoustic-based "real" music.

  4. Chaffee is baller... Fucking PRINTS Orlik's Medals!

  5. Day 1 of weekend getaway: Sunset Bar and Grill in Boston... They have 365 different varieties of bottles beer. I drank them all. The curry stout is not recommended... Blarghagshgdnkfjklewjke.

    1. Flametz


      What made you think that was a good idea in the first place? >.> also, do they have a milk stout? Love those.

  6. Dear god... What base XP do you need for a T54 mastery?

  7. Do I need to pay MORE to be a patron with garbage can privileges?

    1. Cunicularius


      u shud have them, pm sorono

  8. Don't ever go into management. Stay hourly, work night shifts, and avoid all of the BS.

  9. Finally get to play with someone I can learn a lot from... We spend the entire session getting yoloed on, I potato a lot, and then he gets focused by a CGC and 1-shot. 2 minutes into the most promising game of the night. /rant

  10. Finally got a decent mid-range rig together yesterday; 3.4GHz stock, decent GPU, doubled my RAM... No more compressed textures for me!

    1. BlackstarFallen


      im going to get a pc less than 1k$ soon.

    2. TommyNole


      Grats dude!

  11. Fuck it... I'll get a 62A.

    1. SgtKnispel23


      its a good tank,dont let wn8 stop you from getting it :l

    2. PrimeDynasty


      Statpadder HueHue :3

    3. dirtd0g


      I'm just tired of being gimped in the Fatton.

  12. Hey! Fuck night-shifters who call out with less than an hour before the shift starts!

  13. I also frequently dislike arty...

  14. I haven't done a 38 hour blow in a long time... I also haven't slept for 18 hours straight... Again; management sucks.

  15. I haven't played enough TCs to warrant my new "Member Title"...

  16. I just used ~70k free XP for the Chaffee... I regret nothing.

    1. Chryses


      Except when the line is updated and xp cost get cut in half? rip xp. Have fun with the tank!!

    2. dirtd0g


      Need it for a Skirmish... And, I will! It's a nasty little devil, I still don't understand scout MM...

  17. I think I'll start to upload replays of my derpy play: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/DirtD0G/id/390590

  18. I thought the M7 would be painful... This thing is a fucking stud-muffin.

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    2. Migizikody


      I found it pretty fun

    3. MudDuck375


      Since the 21 pulls high, ypu will have to play more of a honest scout role

    4. Agamemneon


      M7 was one of the most fun tanks I ever played. Almost 80% winrate half solo'd.

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