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  1. M7 is hard... But hey, its expectations are so low that it may just pad my WN8 nicely! Seriously; 700 damage and a kill or two is, like, 2600 WN8...

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    2. Brontoscorpio
    3. Eagle_Peak


      380 viewrange on an even faster T49? Want.

    4. Eagle_Peak


      also its 170mm for APCR for the QF 6-pdr Mk. III (not that it makes much of a difference)

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    2. hallo1994
    3. dirtd0g


      It worked, too... We tried to lose a game that night and it didn't happen.

  2. I'll be finished with my M7 grind tonight... Any tips on the T21?

  3. Tier-IV scout MM needs a lot of work. M5 Stuart versus VIIIs is really... interesting.

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    2. Constar


      i don't know about you but i prefer tier 8 battles in my m5a1. call me weird if you will

    3. Migizikody


      Literally every M5 I see has the 75mm and is firing heat out of it

    4. Constar


      ^-- this. although because im from yurop i say shoot High Efficiency rounds instead :)

  4. I thought the M7 would be painful... This thing is a fucking stud-muffin.

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    2. Migizikody


      I found it pretty fun

    3. MudDuck375


      Since the 21 pulls high, ypu will have to play more of a honest scout role

    4. Agamemneon


      M7 was one of the most fun tanks I ever played. Almost 80% winrate half solo'd.

  5. Tioga deleted signature backgrounds again!? Looks like I have to go back to something disgusting! RIB Kate Upton's Zero-G boobs!

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    2. Merky_Merc
    3. Brendanthekid


      Dirt you can come rest in my boobs if you want ;)

    4. Brontoscorpio


      bouncing hair>bouncing boobs

      get class em nines

  6. I played some tanks today.

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    2. Flaksmith
    3. dirtd0g


      I'm still trash, but now have more tanks to be trash in.

    4. Flaksmith


      I agree with clicker, come chat with us on the discord server! Heck there's even a phone app for it.

  7. My facility uses a pharmacy with the initials "OP". Due to the storm they did not make any deliveries... MFW when the 68 year old nursing supervisor was screaming, "OP DID NOT DELIVER" all night...

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    2. dirtd0g


      No one understands why I laugh.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Just wait until you fuck something up and some kid is like "yeah OP is mr sexiis"

    4. KruggWulf


      Or when someone trips inside OP. Hue.

  8. Took a detour to the Cambride, MA Microcenter. That place is amazing. Got everything I wanted for over $100 USD less than my online bargain-shopping.

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    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_
    3. Expendable_Lad


      Hell yeah man. Got to get you back to your roots here. Great kicking it with you and Air last night.

    4. dirtd0g


      Same to you, Ex! We should do a local gathering without the console scrubs!

  9. The wife is taking me to do some sensory deprivation in a flotation tank... RIP reality.

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    2. ViktorKitov


      Why would you ever do that

    3. dirtd0g


      Totally cool. I spent 50 minutes in the tank, felt like 15... LOTS of visual and physical hallucinations, very relaxing, feel like jelly now.

    4. CarbonatedPork


      Dude, that's fuckin' awesome. I've always wanted to try that after hearing Joe Rogan talk about 'em.

  10. Obj. 416 is really, really fun.

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    2. TwelfthSense


      416 is OP... Good for learning the ropes though of map awareness and positioning

    3. Medjed


      Same gun as T-54 and Godly camo. Yea, it must be fun.

    4. Haswell


      416 has insane camo and DPM, and that 330mm pen HEAT shell.

  11. My Chaffee addiction is killing my average tier... I wish it tracked average tier seen.

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    2. Deusmortis


      Good idea.

    3. Errants


      Ooh, yeah, something that shows what your average battle tier is, not your average tank tier....

      I'd be down for it.

    4. dirtd0g


      Yeah... On some days it looks like I've been seal-clubbing in Vs and VIs when I'm working my ass of against Xs in a fucking Chaffee. Completely different set of skills.

  12. Look! Recent WN8 of 2351! Now my opinion is a little more valid! Now I am a decent human being!

    1. FlamingTier



    2. Praetor77


      Come back when you have 3k+. ;)

    3. Nope


      Darn, I don't matter. :'(

    1. TriggrHPY


      EMS stories plox. kthx

    2. cheesyhoney
    3. dirtd0g


      I'll try and get something new up there a few times a week... Nerdy EMS stories SHOULD be coming soonish...

  13. Fuck it... I'll get a 62A.

    1. SgtKnispel23


      its a good tank,dont let wn8 stop you from getting it :l

    2. PrimeDynasty


      Statpadder HueHue :3

    3. dirtd0g


      I'm just tired of being gimped in the Fatton.

  14. Well... Another last-minute night shift! Guess I'll be shit posting for the next 10 hours!

    1. cvshaft


      post away!

    2. Yuffy


      We're gonna need you to come in on saturday... that's not a problem is it?

    3. dirtd0g


      It's worse than that... I'm in at 9am, start to leave around 4:30, phone rings... "I can't come in for my 7pm-7am shift..." Great. 2 hours notice for a 12 hour shift on 6 hours of sleep.

  15. Okay, I knew CR/D was a shit hole of cricle-jerking... But has it always been that bad? Was it ever constructive? Has it always been human-centipedesque?

    1. Mawdy


      Perhaps you should have read the rules for the campaign.

    2. dirtd0g


      That doesn't answer my question, Maw.

    3. Mawdy


      Your first mistake was posting in cr/d, which if you haven't realized is a place no one from Jimbo should be. You then had Lup0s being a complete retard and saying "you mad bro" when people posted proof of you breaking the rules of the campaign. Are you somehow suprised that people are telling you to fuck off?

  16. Night shiftin' again! Time to shit post!

    1. deathmachine16


      Oh! My favorite hobby

    2. xWulffx


      e tu dirtdog?

  17. Trying to break into Magic's Modern format? Any players have advice on my current builds? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/meliras-junk-is-another-bloodghasts-treasure/ http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/15-04-15-caw-pike/

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i'll give it a look once i stop being a wows screb

    2. Tigernos


      I'm eyeball deep in metamancing my own decks, I'll save the link and look.... sometime....

  18. So, I manage a 24 hour department in a medical facility... I should really stop approving vacations for my night shifters.

    1. cvshaft


      It must lead to alot of late night forum searching

    2. dirtd0g


      Thank god our IT guys are idiots!

  19. Finally got a decent mid-range rig together yesterday; 3.4GHz stock, decent GPU, doubled my RAM... No more compressed textures for me!

    1. BlackstarFallen


      im going to get a pc less than 1k$ soon.

    2. TommyNole


      Grats dude!

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