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  1. On 1/16/2017 at 9:36 AM, Archaic_One said:

    I referred somebody to your M7 review the other day.  Its good to see you back.

    I'm vacationing here... I think.

    Dear god, stop me before it becomes what it was!

    On 1/16/2017 at 10:21 AM, monjardin said:

    You'd like the tier 9 & 10 Czech tanks. I think you left right before they came out. They're fast, with decent gun handling and an absurdly quick burst (e.g. 1,280 damage in 4.5 seconds at tier 10).

    Mmmm... Burst with mobility. You know me.

    22 hours ago, Errants said:

    Oh, gods, look at that AWFUL player coming in a shitting up the halls of our halcyon forum!

    Please, I could still smell all of the shit I left behind before logging in.



  2. 51 minutes ago, Joyrider216 said:

    After some AMX 50B games and kran games, I can tell you that most certainly 50B>Kran. The bad prem pen, long intra, and slow mobility kinda kills it on maps that arent westfield. That being said, the Kran hulldown is godlike and easy to leverage. Inferior but still with a niche

    Slow autoloader with bad pen and bad reload that can hulldown? Why Westfield? Intra too long to try and utilize the strong turret in cramped areas and urban rubble?

    Also, an addition, with more to probably come... New map knowledge is a bit more important than I thought in terms of squeezing more damage, kills, and wins out in terms of micro positioning and I have found a few games I can get hit in areas that I remember being safe in. Overall, however, my initial conclusion remains the same; general deployment and map control is still the same old thing.

    New tank knowledge is also less important than I thought. Tough tanks have the same weak spots as the other tough tanks... For the most part. 


  3. So, I haven't played much in a long time... Still not really playing much, but have logged hours in weeks rather than minutes in years. Here are my musings and questions after a few games.

    Nothing has really changed. I have no idea what, if any, major mechanic augmentations or map modifications have taken place... But consistent victory and above-average success with pubbies is still achieved through, in order of importance and they are all so close as to basically be tied: 1a) Situational Awareness; this includes from recognizing ideal initial deployment based on map and team composition to realizing you're about to get shot in the ass;  1b) Reactivity and Response; after being AWARE, knowing how and when and where to respond is key; 1c) Mechanic Abuse; this includes understanding vision, spotting, and even the individual strengths of the chosen vehicle.

    Everything else is really general. Map knowledge and innate skill and practice... Seriously, I was under the impression that the game had undergone some serious and important decisions.

    Currently I still rock in tanks I like and suit my favorite play-style. I win and rack up damage when calm, focused, and patient while derping out spectacularly when on tilt or just mindlessly chasing a x3 or something.   

    What happened while I was away? What are all of these new tanks? What are the "biggest" and "most important" mechanic tweaks I should know about?

    Are there a lot more auto-loaders, or is it just me?

    Any of these new vehicles a good fit for someone like me? Do you not know who I am? Does anyone remember anything? Am I as infamous as Garbad yet? Where are my guys at? I loved my guys and abandoned them, the self-righteous little shits that they were.

    Seriously, I like mobile platforms with good vision and DPM preferably with the body and health pool to leverage for a late-game carry. I also like to yolo-derp in paper thin rockets for spots while creating chaos and then withdraw to farm pretend penis points from beyond their view.

    What is good in tournaments and organized competitive play? Clan Wars still a thing? Strongholds still hilarious? Are jimmies still occasionally rustled? Any shitty little clans jumping into water that should be over their head and wrecking some face above their weight? Any big clans basically dominating everything? Have I missed the opportunity to earn any sweet envy-inducing stuff!?

    And, back to a more potentially helpful note, new maps ain't shit. Same rules apply to all; if it's confined and contested you better have the body to deal, if it's open and bushy you better have the view and speed to utilize, and be prepared to function outside of your vehicles "role" if you want to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat... Or just play fucking mediums already... Maybe mobile heavies... Sometimes a light carries with good early scouting followed by choice mid-game fire support and then some late-game survival for potential heroic-looking mop-up when really it was nothing because the 5 enemies you were left alone to handle are all 1-shot heavies that wouldn't spot you firing in the open from 300m away.

    Wrapping it up, I guess... Game feels the same as it did over a year-ish ago. Felt like changes while I was playing heavily had more recognizable impact. Is that familiarity and being more tuned in or is it possible that when we become invested and focused on something and hear a change has taken place we look for it seeing it where it may not be? I am surprised by how easily I came back and felt up to par with my "normal" superior play. I still have to try and focus and get into the right "place" to consistently hit that 3k damage mark and win over 60% of the time, as I always did... But I guess I was expecting a more arduous period of adjustment?

    Arty is still horrible, but after tens of thousands of games of rocking and rolling and choosing cover wisely, doesn't suck any more than it did before.

    Arty still sucks, though.        

  4.                                     Due to some, what turned out to be, very positive changes in my life I am no longer active or interested enough in the game to even haphazardly fail my way through commanding any type of clan. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to remain as a commander.

    Not even in label for those shits and those giggles.


    How I imagine you all feel... Just give it to me.

    I have officially stepped down as AWFUL's Commander.


    I'm out.

    I will be passing the torch to the questionably-intentioned and capable _C00KIE.

    I am happy to see the name and brand be carried by this man and am confident he will be able to lead AWFUL into further infamy and shame; as I would have done, except with less patience and more sand in the vagina.



    I will still play poorly, as always, and call even poorerer on occasion.


    I will still spew my ignorance and bad advice all over everything.

    Have fun, be safe, love life, bang people effectively, get effectively banged back, participate in stuff, learn things, eat, do good, be well, and get some sleep.






  5. I, too, will beg of you to reconsider the laptop route. "Future-proof" and "laptop" really don't belong in the same sentence. If you really need something to be portable then by all means continue with your search...

    My experience with laptops is mainly as business and work machines. I absolutely ADORE my Lenovo Thinkpads. They are rugged, reliable, and extremely flexible. I enjoyed being able to access the HDD and RAM without taking the entire thing apart. I even had an extra battery that could slide into the optical drive tray. I know that you can get some models that are decent for gaming...

  6. Strongholds are fun and lucrative. They also allow us to keep a consistent clan-wide credit bonus active for pubs.

    AWFUL sounds like the right fit for you. We focus on improving our individual skills, perfecting our team play skills through daily stand-to's, weekly tournaments, campaign participation, and are even getting into monthly global map raids to help bolster our treasury. 

    Everything we do is on a voluntary basis, but if you commit to a tournament team you should probably show up.

    Pop in some time and/or throw a PM to _Knobby, my lead recruiter:



  7. You need, NEED, to be able to operate independently in the context of a strategy.... Most CW scout players will know that any instruction they are given, unless specific, is pretty loose in terms of how you actually do your runs...

    I call scouts by clicking a few areas on the map while saying, "Scouty scouts scout..." I also enjoy pinging the map and saying "Mediums med and heavies hev..."

    Of all the classes, however, light tanks are best if played by your most competent light tank players. They are, in my own humble opinion, the most skill-reliant class in competitive play. I don't care if you HAVE the RU-251, can you fucking scout, do you know when to dive in, do you know HOW TO PLAY A LIGHT!?

    One of the reasons KIMBO loses to bad clans from time to time is because they are completely unpredictable.  They do the wildest things, and every once in a while, we assume some modicum of sanity and it bites us in the ass.  I'd love it if EVERY stronghold player read and worked on these because it would make the format more interesting.

    After Skirmish XXVI I have come to the conclusion that my AWFULs, and associated tournament regulars, can pretty much out-focus and out-brawl any team in the game. Our issues include losses to unpredictable and ridiculous moves by the enemy team and, the more likely, inability to recognize when we have an numerical or positional advantage and pull the trigger on our push way too late. There's also a tendency for people to get so focused and tunneled in that they don't seem to hear the call... They just sit there "W-S'ing" and then wonder what happened...

    I, for one, would love some pointers and advice on knowing when to push, tips on reading the map and committing your forces at the right time. If you hesitate even a few seconds too long your genius push turns into waltzing into enemy fire as they bleed damage off of you. If you go too early you are committing your team to a position that has no advantage.



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