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  1. Still not my fetish


    We would take you into AWFUL but you would have to permanently wear Reservist tags and write poetry for _Knobby on Thursdays while listening to the rest of us perform heavy metal renditions of Hanson songs over TS. If your rhymes were sick enough we would allow you to become an XO and expect you to steal all of our gold before retreating to the hole you are currently living in.

  2. This is the dumbest series of events I have ever read an accounting of. And I'm in fucking Reddit, for fuck sake. One of our subclans implodes every other week from something not quite as dumb as this.


    So, we don't need to tell you to disband all of your subclans? They are forever in a state of constant implosion? Like... The sun or a quantum singularity?





  3. 8v(


    Also, how come you hate platooning so much?


    He probably is an antisocial sexii like me. I'm trying to expand me friends though kek


    I wouldn't say Mort "hates" platooning... He just prefers NOT to.


    I'm in a similar boat.


    If he's anything like me... And he's basically me but better at tanks, Canadian, and single... It is because solo-pubbing is the only way you can get that true thrill of a hard carry. It's also a lot less frustrating than waiting for some camping buddy to die so that you can get on with the next game. And other people suck... Unless you're Mort... Or me. We're both pretty cool.


    Mort, how big of a role did my attempts at recruiting you play in your WoT rebirth? You were great when I met you, but inactive and basically had sworn the game off...


    Isn't it true that I alone am responsible for your success?


    Also, what is your favorite Youtube twerking video?

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