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  1. Also got one yesterday. Just played one battle so far, but I'm impressed by the camo and the speed of this little bugger. It for sure plays not like a regular TD and it offers some unique possiblities and also has its drawbacks. I had El Halluf quite a few times yesterday (with other tanks) and I was asking myself, where would I go with the E-25. Do you have any advice on this map with this tank? There are just few bushes and not many routes you can take.




    Don't forget... It's ROF is bonkers. Stay out of sight, wait for a target to unload, then turn a corner and put 2 or 3 rounds into it. Run away...


    Early game on maps with little cover I try and stay out of VIEW range.


    City maps are really hit or miss... You can act as an active scout and really out DPM almost anything on the map. Find arty or other soft targets with limited traverse and go to town.


    ...then run away... Always run away.

  2. I want to win. Why?

    1) It's more funner. Muchly more funner.

    2) It's MUCH more efficient. The more you win, the less you have to play to level up, get credits and XP, complete the daily doubles, etc. Not that I want to or will immediately tier up as soon as I unlock the next tank. I've held onto my T-150 for a long time to learn more about running Russian heavies. I'll most likely stick with my IS-3 for a VERY long time until I tier up so I can learn more about Russian heavies. Also helps to have a more highly-skilled crew once you do tier up. Same with several other tanks I own --- hold them until I feel like I understand them, and then onto the next.


    1) It IS indeed fun to win, but I have been finding it more fun and rewarding to do well. I would rather have a 3k damage LOSS in my T49 than a 300 damage win any day... And, with the new modifiers for performing well even while on a losing team, the effort pays off... 


    2) Actually, I think the most efficient thing to do is to bot a dozen tanks at the same time for hours on end...


    If you have resigned yourself to being where you are currently, so be it. Enjoy the game. There is nothing wrong with enjoying something even though you aren't in the top 1% or whatever. Who cares!?


    But, apparently, you care...


    I suggest playing those tier-Vs you have a 55%+ WR in. I suggest revisiting the lower tiers and building your foundation from the bottom up again. Sure, there are certain aspects of this game that people will do well at "naturally"... But, and I'm sure many will agree with me, innate reflexes are not the end-all-be-all in this game. That is one of its best qualities.


    Experience, foresight, intuition, and situational awareness have netted me more damage and wins than split-second reflexes and other aspects of this game that can be attributed to how "wired" I am for gaming. I want to say that 80-90% of what makes someone "good" at WoT can be learned.

  3. I'd have picked this up but I have misgivings about the ammo count and pen. Also I'm super terrible at TDs.


    Picard can get so angry. "The line must be drawn here!"


    Anywho... You can fire all your ammo easily. It IS NOT a TD that sits in normal lanes and tries to penetrate head-on. I was in VIIIs the other day and an ENTIRE 3-man E-25 platoon exhausted almost all of their ammo on my buddy's Tiger II... Use your speed to get into flanking sniping positions... Then use your speed to go away.


    I really plays like a light...


    That ROF, though. 3 of us sat in a great spot on campinovka and just melted the enemy as they tried to climb the hill. I mean, ~300 damage every 2-3 seconds...

  4. One thing I've noticed from watching other players is that situational awareness differs greatly between good players and bad. For example, I've seen some players getting severe tunnel vision and focus on one particular target while ignoring everything around them. I wonder if that's the only quality unica has over everybody else. The better you are the faster you process information and react to situations.


    I think that the better you are the less you have to REact... You are forcing your enemy to react to your actions. You are aiming where they are GOING to be not, not where they are...


    If that makes any sense.


    The best games I have had are fluid. There is no "oh, shit, now I have to go over there" moment. I am already on my way before they've been spotted. I am already there. I am ready already.



    Some games can only be won by going outside your tanks role as well..like spotting K1 on redshire when nobody else will.


    I go back and forth with some people regarding this point. Actually, a lot of my most half-baked potato moments in my M48 are when I get antsy, realize someone needs to do something and try to scout or something that results in 183mm HESH derp or any other myriad of ways to die quickly. I am a huge fan or using my T49 as a medium late-game or my T29 as an aggressive hull-down active scout...  


    Some some tanks are better at performing outside of their "role" than others.

  5. I got it on sale and basically will be platooning with it exclusively. I really enjoy it; basically a tier-VII T49 without a turret.


    I do feel it's carrying ability is very, very map dependant. I don't like being top-tier on a city map where the enemy has a T29 across from me... Some victories I end up working very, very hard for.


    Just one question; what does it feel like to get focused fired upon by 3 E-25s?

  6. This is my favorite map and I agree with these positions


    I really like this map too and don't really understand all the hate that it gets. There is great cover from either spawn to push the south, good positions for covering fire, multiple escape routes... I am happy that it has become a horrible camp-fest; so many stationary targets to shoot at. The common "sniping" spots for either side are easily troll-shot, easily spotted, and easily obliterated.


    I tend to like North spawn better as I feel like I have more protection and options while pushing through the South; only "snipers" I need to worry about will be to the East directly infront of me on the hill (J-K7) or South of the middle hill (G5). If pushing from South spawn all the camping guns can hit you pretty well from the middle hill, but the land is full of funky undulations that can hide your hull effectively. 

  7. Well, I've heard some buzz about the quality of the forum here at wotlabs.net and was actually excited after lurking for a few days. I have to commend all of you who have worked to create such a helpful and coherent posting community. I am looking forward to absorbing some information and contributing in my own way... Or just asking questions and then feeling inadequate...


    A little about my inner tanker: I spent the first 7-8k games pressing battle and then smashing "W" until I died. Don't get me wrong, I had a GREAT freaking time, but this "style" of play began to stale and I discovered the joy of self-improvement and stat-tracking. Slowing down and revisiting lower tiers has proven to prolong WoT's playability for me indefinitely. As I venture away from WG's territory I hope to begin to improve my Tier-VIII play as well. My complete lack of skill with or understanding of the M48 (even after over 1k battles) is a particular concern of mine...


    My favorite tanks; T1E6, Locust, T49, M4A3E8, T29, Type-62, T34, and my poor M48... 


    A little about me: Old enough to know better, highschool theatre major, college English major drop-out, currently in healthcare management, spent over 8 years in an ambulance, love creative language, abhor wasted potential, married, children, and I am grateful for every day I wake up breathing. I play the guitar, sing like an angel, dance like "woah", and film is my favorite art form.


    Hit me up if you have questions regarding the medical field as a profession, healthcare as a concern, dealing with teenage daughters, or want to have a good argument about anything. I can disagree with anyone on any subject AND be convincing.



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