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  1. Well, despite my being Italian i spend most of my time actually talking or writing in English (dem interwebz ftw) and i stopped a long time ago having to translate in my mind, and more generally thinking in my own mother language, when speaking in english. I'd reckon at least 7-8 years, probably more. It rather depends on how fluent you are and how much you actually use the language.
  2. Well, i wouldn't risk that much. HE has an alarming tendency of dealing next to no damage randomly due to marginal deviations. Anything under 400 HPs, you're better off just using APs tbh. The chance of lowrolling that much is still less risky, to me, than an HE shell.
  3. Disclaimer, i have not watched the video (i can't now) but still a couple of points. It is true that at low tiers people see the team as NPCs. Just watch a couple of flags: how many people write anything in chat how many people just mindlessly smash into each other to the tipping point when all they had to do was turn slightly how many people ram/block Others as if they were objects on the map how people just rush somewhere like headless chickens disregarding anything that's happening around them On top of that, we have some other issues. For example, low-tiers
  4. Uh thanks for the link, i'll give it a shot. Also, a note of worth, my survival rate never went much further than 30-35% even when i was at peak pulling 64%/3k recent, so i'm not entirely sure that's to blame .-.
  5. How to be gud again? Long story short, frustration kicks in and i take a 15 months hiatus, came back couple of days ago, struggle to break the shitter barrier (52% WR - oddly enough over 2.3k WN but that's another story). Halp pls? Any advice would be welcome
  6. So basically since i came here due to the fact that IS-8 got roundkicked out of the tech tree during my 15 months hiatus and i wanted to know how the T-10 performs compared to the IS-8 due to the fact that ToT allowed me to purchase one, what are the main differences? As far as i've seen the turret shape is much better and looks way harder than the IS-8's old layout with the hatches sticking out momentously. Any feedback you can give me on what else changed?
  7. The main point being that IS-3 has so many upsides that it could be a T9 and still be really decent... And to top it off, the main point of unbalance is that on top of having a ridiculously high skill floor due to bullshitium and spaced magicks, it also has great damage dealing capabilities and speed that allow a great player to get a lot more mileage out of it. That on top of the face that with some brains and a mould of dirt you can out-tank some T10s...
  8. But all that you describe can be achieved with a gamepad already. So exactly what would a non binary keyboard offer over those? Market-wise, nothing...
  9. Thing is, why would any venture invest in a project which not only takes a market which is already saturated with products, but also offer basically no difference over the existing ones? That would be a colossal waste of money and time. I would understand if there were markket for analog keyboards for work environment, since you could eventually dominate that segment at least, but a far as i know the request is non-existant. Also, you would be developing something that: - most hardcore gamers won't buy because they have a gamepad - most casual gamers won't buy because they don't care or
  10. ^^ Long one is overkill anyway, and you lose a TON of gun arc.
  11. Weighted keys on a synth do not give a proper imput on PC when you try to render them, so i would guess you'd have to rework the way keyboards interact with the OS... Which is to say it's basically a huge hassle for no real gain in effectiveness. Especially since there are all sort of tools who do that already, like controllers/joysticks/gamepads.
  12. I have a pressing desire to rewrite the letter the Pope wrote to rise the crusades back in the day in a cat fashion. A VERY pressing desire.
  13. Also who might know how much of your pubs get rekt by the 268 while you deal with the E100... Unless it's a special case the 268 would still be the target of choice imho. It's totally possible that while you deal with the E100 the engagement comes to be a 1v1 instead of a 3v1
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