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  1. Gotta have my Melty's and minimap mod...everything else is just a bonus.
  2. I enjoy the T-62A, not nearly as much as I did the T-54, but it is decent. The Obj 140 seems like the right tank after the T-54. A tank with speed and the ability to bounce rounds off the turret like the 54, the laser of a gun off the 62A, and then add GUN DEPRESSION!!! Yes please! Great tank, and I'm sure it will have a very vital role in CW's.
  3. Back to the OP: I started to care about my numbers when I learned about, at the time, efficiency. At that point, I was probably about 3k battles in. My old clan leader, and this is laughable now, took me under his wing and gave me a goal of doing AT LEAST 1000 dmg in a tier 8. I look back and laugh at that number now, but back then, I didn't know what to focus on to improve, I was just plain horrible! Then platooning with a couple of guys that cared about stats and taught me some patience. I still creep...err, check on thier stats, and now my stats are far superior to thiers. I kno
  4. Can't wait to check this out when I get home from work, as it is blocked at the moment. Anything that helps the WoT community become better as a whole is a great thing imo.
  5. The E5 was my first Tier 10 as well, and by far the most used of all my T10's. Its a great tank that can take on many roles. Highly recommend it!
  6. Thoroughly enjoying the Obj 268! The tank is amazing in just about everything it does. The Foch 155 was my first Tier 10 TD, and I didn't think I could enjoy another TD more then that, but I was mistaken. The Foch 155 is an absolultely amazing TD as well, but I find late in the game it's much harder to carry due to the long clip reload. The 268 on the other hand is consistent, devastating damage. The limited Gun Traverse is negative to the tank, but the aim time I think is very good compared to the Foch 155, and allows for aimed accurate shots. I think I have around 40-50 games in my 2
  7. Free xp'd past the Lorraine. I heard enough horror stories about it and didn't have the silverz to pay for both the Lorraine and the Bat when unlocked. \ One of my very favorite tanks. With this mission going on for the free GLD, I've really focused on staying alive late in the game and with that, reacquainted myself with the power of the BatChat late in the game! Just last night, I got my 2nd Patrol Duty ever. 4200 dmg, and 3800 spotting dmg, and a GLD lol Strangely enough, my first Patrol Duty was earned while in my Foch 155...
  8. http://www.turtlebeach.com/ When my $40 Logitech Wal-Mart special broke, I took my turtlebeach headset from my Xbox, and haven't had an issue since. Great head set/mic at a very good price. I think I have the x11 ($70 about two years ago), which is a wired set. Hoping they DO break at some point, so I can get a wireless set, but I'm not in any rush for that.
  9. The one thing I don't understand is the 30k you paid for repairs, when it would appear as though you survived in the other screenshot? Any explanation for that?
  10. Had absolutely no issue with this mission. Played 17 games, survived 11 of those 17. I don't think the M60 counts, guess its considered a premium tank for this event?
  11. I've been looking for an excuse to buy back my T-54.... I know, I know...why did I ever sell it!
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