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  1. Aww... Haswell... I didn't know you were so infatuated with 3 people. But.. I like to hear "Your gunner is dead... kick his ass out and get a new one"
  2. oh yeah, I FORGOT THIS IS CAPS.... mai bad brother! I still think he wants the 1vs1 to be with you, not me. And... I think he wants it to be a you vs. a coward hiding.
  3. Bandet, there's no need to capslock quote me lol... We both know that RBS is using the broadest, loosest definition to support a claim, because he can't prove you're cheating any actual set rules.... so he is basically proclaiming unspoken code of conduct rules.
  4. It seems you're online now, RBS. I have time in between datacenter maintenance windows... sans support cases... but I can get in a few matches. Bring your mustang, chill, and have fun... But I don't think it will appease you, because I am NOT who you're mad at. In fact, you've flighted up with me a few times before. But still, if it helps you get your rage out... I will partake. But since you're resorting to essentially your very own broad spectrum definition of cheating... aren't you just basically saying that you are a defeatist? That you've decided you can't beat them so you will join them?
  5. You show me where I'm sticking up for 'cheating'.... and where it's done only by my clan. You seem to forget all the opening week OBT and live games that another , now nearly extinct, clan with 80%+ win raters DID THE SAME THINGS for which you call the Dracs cheaters for. Oh, I think he does. He's using the very broad definition that wikipedia gives. Cheating is the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation. This broad definition will necessarily include acts of bribery, cronyism, sleaze, nepotism and any situation where individuals are given preference using inappropriate criteria.[1] The rules infringed may be explicit, or they may be from an unwritten code of conduct based on morality, ethics or custom, making the identification of cheating a subjective process. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. Someone who is known for cheating is referred to as a cheat in British English, and a cheater in American English. A "cheat" does not have to cheat all the time, but once faced with a challenge that they do actually want to win, they will go back to their cheating strategies.[2]
  6. You take all of the new members and lump them up as being the same as the old 'few' that you're angry with. It sounds to me like you're really wanting this challenge to be directed at specific people you're hating, no? As for "none of you will take me up on it" that is also a lie, because I said I would take you up on a 1 vs. 1. But what you're really pointing out is that you want to act like a coward. You bring your Mustang, any loadout you want, I'll bring whatever tier 5 aircraft I want, whichever loadout I want.... if you're man enough to attack, cool... if you're just gonna waste time, I can certainly make it an interesting time... I can even live stream your embarassment as I have fun... why? Because I have fun, win or lose, full 15 minute match or short and sweet.... I'll even further handicap myself each round by turning my heads up display off. If all you're wanting is to let loose some e-rage... I'll be more than happy to do that for you. Why? Because it's a fucking video game, pure and simple. In fact, I'm the one who is well known for taking my F3F into tier 6-10 battles, for FUN... because at the end of the day, if I'm not having fun... I'm wasting my time. You see, RBS.. I'm the original troll flighter... no one else has taken P-12's and Type 91s and F3Fs into tier 6-10 battles, just to have fun... and actually fight those higher tier players... I have.... At the end of the day, if you're not having fun, there's no reason to be here.
  7. I forgot about mouse aim mode. I'm a joystick user, so yeah.. you're right in that aspect.
  8. First off, as a recruit, I'm merely a prospect. Secondly, there is no evidence of - nor will there ever be, since I don't do this- me queue jumping, intentionally top tier stomping for thousands of games, or any other things that you just now fabricated on me... It may be true of others, but you cannot honestly claim I personally have done anything of the sort. Thirdly: If you think you'd be wasting my time by hiding at altitude... I will simply win the match by supremacy and laugh at you for thinking you're wasting my time. This little 'challenge' of yours has nothing to do with skill and much more to do with your frustration of a perceived abuse by Dracarys. And you speak of abusing game mechanics and such.. you're setting this "challenge" up so that they can't win by supremacy... but I would do it anyways, if you try to hide. Be a man, step up and if you really want to issue a challenge, do a simple challenge with no pretense of anything but seeing if you're better than them. Take my dogfight with Wing_Commander_Zero in tylerjonanderson's tournament, for instance: We simply met at 5,000 ft. AGL, made a no-fire pass right through center, and then called out "ready," "ready" "go" before turning and engaging. Loadout: We took the Bf-109B with full upgrades, wing guns and best 20mm cannon. We had High Explosive for the 20mm and AP-I for the 7.92 mm MGs. We had consumables the same, Fire Extinguisher, High Octane, and Pneumatic Restarter. We had fun... Your challenge... you're not wanting to challenge yourself and see if you can win in a 1 on 1.. you just want to be a dick. Considering I have never affronted you in such a manner, your action toward me is unwarranted. And, it's laughable at best.
  9. There's no cop out from me here... I just merely pointed out direct and indirect competition. They lie somewhere in between the two. They both have warplanes and tanks, but they both are not full on simulations. Wargaming is like a first person shooter.. WT is a simulation of realistic mechanics, with an arcade (not FPS) mode thrown in.
  10. You see, I don't really see them as direct competitors, Bandet... sure, there is a little of that, but ultimately WT is creating a more simulated full scale map type game with realistic weather, flight mechanics, etc. .. though, it's arcade mode is just laughable at best, and used only for XP grinding. WoWP is purely arcade style with miniature map scaling.. airplanes are bigger than the aircraft carriers and landing strips that they can't even land on.... but it's still a fun game... and is actually getting closer to semi-realistic flight mechanics... except for it's silly altitude banding system... But WoWP really lacks a developer that cares... with a community management staff that "might care" but can't really do anything for the players.
  11. Exactly... it's the perfect "shyadup and tek meh munney.... WTF you broke it" meets "but we're just beta... be glad we're not Vargaming, and ve not wiping your stats...
  12. Don't worry, Captain.. we've all fallen for it before... Even though we all know that a troll can only troll those who take the bait... we tend to like the conflict and therefore latch on to the bait quite quickly. Ah.. I've been a week or two off of the CBT of Ground Forces, didn't know it was out now.. And, yes, 1.37 was pretty fail, but the current isn't much better. At least they still claim they're Open Beta.
  13. LOL!!! I like to do this sometimes too.. Only I run around the yard with my 22 month old son acting like an airplane!!!
  14. I'm more inclined to agree with Katariana... I've seen 3 community managers come and go.. three of them saying roughly the same thing: They're gonna talk to the powers that be and get things to be more betterer and have more transparency.. blah blah... End of the day, they're all three wrong... not saying they didn't truly care or try, but what they find out is that they really have no official powers to help get the players heard. All the changes to game get approved mostly because of the Russian server population either "toes the line" as a "good Russkie" or they just religiously follow the altitude bands/other changes without thinking or expecting a better mechanic. We're just the ones that bankroll the majority of the game... screw us... Might work in WoT, which has no real competition until WT Ground Forces comes out... but it doesn't work with WoWP, because there's a plethora of flying games out there.
  15. I think many of them have meant that in a pub match, one tier higher wouldn't matter. However, win or lose, I would take your challenge, just because I like to have fun and challenges. I'm working at the moment, but I'd gladly take your challenge for fun. I don't care if I lose. Then again, I might not be the ones you're targeting... ? Seeing as I'm just a recruit and might not make the cut in the clan.... /salute
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