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  1. Still recruiting Check out our requirements and apply or contact any officer in game or via Pm.
  2. Evening all We're still looking for the right players to join us, if you meet our requirements apply or speak to any officer in game.
  3. Afternoon all Recruiting friendly active players. If that's you, check our requirements and apply.
  4. -T-O- still looking for new players, check the top of the thread for our minimum requirements - they aren't that bad I promise! We are a friendly English speaking clan that has plenty of players online most evenings.
  5. We don't ask much from our members, so take a look and if you have any questions feel free to PM myself or any officer here or in-game.
  6. Still recruiting team players for strongholds, platoons. Come and join our friendly casual clan and raise your game!
  7. [-T-O-] Total Oblivion The Community where making friends and enjoying the game comes first.!! We have : - Dedicated Teamspeak Server - A Website & Forum - Facebook page, - Steam Group - youtube channel ---------------------------------------------------- [-T-O-] Total Oblivion <<click to apply If you want to have strict rules and regulations regarding how you play your game then I am afraid we are not the Clan for you...Our members have REAL LIVES !! We are however interested in playing the game competitively and well. We have a solid player base who are active, keen and sociable. What you can hope to gain from joining [-T-O-] :- - We are part of a gaming community that was founded in 2003 - Friendly environment - Active members - Relaxed or serious Platoons are easy to find. - Organised competitive play when YOU want it - Regular Stronghold Skirmishes ( 67% win rate ) - Clanwars Events - We enter every Cup & tournament that comes up and all FULL members can take part. - Officers who want to WIN and HATE camping even against TOP TEAMS we will take the fight to them. - Access to a dedicated TS3 server. Numerous channels for multiple platoons etc to be running. - A fair chance for promotion is available to all members above recruit rank. We are not an " Old Boys Club" [-T-O-] joining requirements:- 1: English Speaking 2: Use Teamspeak for team events 3: Minimum current win rate of 50% 4: Minimum WN8 of 1000 5: Maturity - operating at a level of 18+ 6 :Within one week of joining you MUST register with our forums and acknowledge the rules/conduct thread. 7:To join you must have ONE Tier 6 and ONE Tier 8 Clan Wars suitable tank Member requirements 1: Inform us when you will be inactive for 2 weeks or more. 2: Play minimum 50 games in past 28 days 3: Platoon up or join teams, why else join a clan. Happy with the requirements? Simply click HERE and apply Or got questions then contact ANY officer here or in game. Alternatively reply to this thread and we will contact you. All new members are on a 1 month trial as a recruit before becoming a FULL member. ( private and above ) Regards,The Total Oblivion command team.
  8. Still recruiting the right people and as always the person is more important than the stats
  9. We keep an active membership and so once again we have removed inactive members which means plenty of room for YOU to join
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