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  1. WG 100% FUCKED Tankrewards!

    You have to play different class of tanks for each mission!  In addition to playing 5-8 and 9-10.  And in order to get the top reward you need like 140 points per day.

    1. Enroh


      wow they really did this time...sucks for those that dont have tier 9/10 tanks. wonder if it is because of the rewards being higher than the last couple of times they ran this event

    2. NightmareMk9


      Looks like WG may modify the Event:

      Jambijon#61Posted Yesterday, 11:43 PM

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      Apologies for the lack of an immediate response from us regarding the unrealistic grind with this month's TR.  There was definitely a mistake when the calculations were made and we have received tons of feedback which is greatly appreciated since it helps us expedite the work for a solution.  Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.  Also, codes aren't the answer.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      27 minutes ago, NightmareMk9 said:

      Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.

      "As soon as we can" == "after this month's TR is done anyways" probably

  2. WGNA is officially dead



    1. Balthazars


      Yeah, getting that first error as well.

    2. Matross


      What makes you say that?


  3. If you were lagging out on Frontline Friday night, WG will refund a +100% Frontline Reserves.  I had to send them a replay and WGCheck Tool Report, but they did give me the reserve back, so it was worth the effort

    1. DirtyACE7


      I lagged out yesterday twice. Pretty annoying. I've read that a lot of the lag is caused by zone E graphics or something. Not sure how much truth there is to it.

  4. I hate to give WG any money, but do I drop $26.39 on the Panhard EBR75 (20% off coupon).  They seem to be very OP in Frontlines and I probably dont "need" another FL Premium Tank, but it seems like a very good tank for Ranks/Prestige

    1. Haswell


      Hook, line, sinker.

  5. And not even a FUCKING lobby to pick teams... Just 100% fucked by the MM
  6. I havent installed mods since the last patch. Lots of reports of CTD and lockups.
  7. The matching 5 random players of different tiers 100% FUCKED this game mode Last night: Playing in a Platoon of 5: 2 Level 2s and 3 Level 1s, we won 4:4 EASY Tonight: Playing in a Platoon of 2: Lost 3:3 games ALWAYS matched with mixed tier, STUPID ass 2s can't carry at all.
  8. 1 Tank Left to Research !

    58k XP on the USED16 and I have researched every tank in the tech tree

    1. simba90


      Just as they plan to bring out another line of terrible lights. Get it finished and run while you can.

  9. Dude just deleted all the kiddie videos off his Youtube page. PEDO Confirmed!@
  10. Sounds like WG may have "Fixed" Tankrewards. Now people are reporting no gold
  11. LMFAO, you can Yolo in Frontline!  I just drove forward and shot anything I saw, after 3 deaths, set a timer for 4 min and go do anything else around the house.

    Win with Captain Rank !!

  12. I'm still about 5 days away, so I hope WG doesn't "Fix" this: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/606855-tank-rewards-crom-b-verified-gold-but-no-bia/
  13. Only 2 Tanks left to research!

    275k XP total.  I might be able to get them done before the end of the month.  But for the next 2 days I plan to focus Frontline.

  14. This COMPLETE shitter from last night !! He was in the game, chatting and being 1000% useless FUCK.
  15. Getting kinds burnt out on Frontlines.  I'm doing pretty well and it still seems like a LOT of work.  7 Games this Episode. 5 wins, 4 Generals.  You can't even just Yolo 100 games either...

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    2. 8_Hussars



      I think you need Prestige Level 10 to get the Tier 9.  It's in the fine print even if you get the the required points by Prestige Level 8.

      "A secret Tier IX tank: name, class, nation, and characteristics are top secret and will be published later during the season. It can only be obtained when you accumulate the required number of Prestige Points and when reaching Prestige Level X."


    3. WhatTheSkara


      I know I need prestige 10, in fact I wrote "If i manage to grind 3 prestiges on July as well, i'll have the t9 by August and can skip grinding the rest of the event, if not for credits."

      That's 5 now + 3 in July + 2 in August = 10. if I can't grind 3 prestige levels in July, i'll do it in August.

    4. 8_Hussars


      Sorry I read 5+3 and tuned out...


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