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  1. I'm kinda surprised they aren't still releasing it. There were a BUNCH of people who spent 5000 Gold last year to get Max Goo. That is about $23 for bonus XP , Credits and a stupid emblem next to your name. Seems like EZ money, and we all know WG likes EZ MONEY
  2. I think I only got about $45 for the last code, but it is hard to find sales that old on eBay. I missed out on the BEST deal ever. A LONG time ago, Tiger Direct was giving away WOT Codes with Kingston Memory. They must have had extra codes when they ran out of memory, so they sold those for like $2.00. The codes included: 3 Days of Premium 300 Gold Pzkpfw 38H735(f) Premium Tank (mini Maus) I redeemed 4 of them and gave a 5th to a friend. You got 750 Gold for the duplicate tank. So not a bad deal. A Month Later I see them selling on Ebay for $75-100 !!! RIP
  3. I sold about 5 Hydro codes for about $75 each back when they were included with the Razor Mouse. LOL nubs
  4. Can we get some reviews on which ones are the best to buy? I have about 25,000 Bonds. If there was a 907 or Cheif, that would be a no-brainer. I've heard the M60Jesus is just ok. Won't even be meme worthy once you see one in every game...
  5. Is WOT dead for everyone, or just the west coast.  The web site is boned and I can't log onto the game.

    1. Wanderjar


      it was just you. i was playing just fine in that time frame

  6. Bounce Missions were always a PITA, but yeah, with all the Gold and HE Spam, they are SUPER difficult. Last week I was able to complete HT 15.4 and I was SUPER happy about that. Didn't get honors, but IDGAF!!! Just last night I got lucky again and 2 stupid E100s kept shooting my PZ7 with standard ammo. Blocked like 6k and did 4k. Got one of the Chimera Blocking missions done.
  7. Wow, that is a LOT. I won't spoil the ending.
  8. 2 More Days. I'm expecting
  9. Did you guys know the AE Phase I comes with an Infinity Large Repair Kit?  I don't recall seeing this before I got the tank last night.


    1. Wanderjar


      yeah it was talked about when they announced the tank. its also in the AE phase 1 thread

    2. Diriz0n


      it is superior to large repair.

      it offers 15  not  1O%

  10. I haven't paid gold to convert Free XP in years. It builds up quickly when you don't have much to research.
  11. I have 200k Free XP and literally nothing left to research. I think I'll pass on re-buying this to grind out 65k XP. I did that last time with the KV4 and it was ok, I guess.
  12. I got all 3 Drivers, I think it was about 140 games. The mode was some fun and at least something different. 1 IDIOT on your team was basically and auto loss. I had probably 12-15 games with either a full AFK or DC player. Another dozen where someone just quit mid race.
  13. It’s a mini game in WOT to win Festival Tickets
  14. Thanks WG for an EASY 22 tickets a day on the weekend. 105 Dog Tags will be a piece of cake now.
  15. WG 100% FUCKED Tankrewards!

    You have to play different class of tanks for each mission!  In addition to playing 5-8 and 9-10.  And in order to get the top reward you need like 140 points per day.

    1. Enroh


      wow they really did this time...sucks for those that dont have tier 9/10 tanks. wonder if it is because of the rewards being higher than the last couple of times they ran this event

    2. NightmareMk9


      Looks like WG may modify the Event:

      Jambijon#61Posted Yesterday, 11:43 PM

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      Apologies for the lack of an immediate response from us regarding the unrealistic grind with this month's TR.  There was definitely a mistake when the calculations were made and we have received tons of feedback which is greatly appreciated since it helps us expedite the work for a solution.  Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.  Also, codes aren't the answer.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      27 minutes ago, NightmareMk9 said:

      Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.

      "As soon as we can" == "after this month's TR is done anyways" probably

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