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  1. Mutant on the Advent tomorrow, queue the tears !

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Good question, I'm not finding a peep about it since the decent buffs it just got a couple months ago.

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its amazing @Jesse_the_Scout @Never

      in fact id dare say its the best pref tier 8 heavy, and one of the best pref tank period.

      its plagued by having the same mediocre gun as the T32 (bad DPM, but without as bad a AP round with the buffs it got) 

      but in return you get some of the best in class/tier armor, you focus on brawling and using any cover you can to maximize you armor like below 



      ^^ this is about what your armor will be like when angling correctly with cover, another cool thing is that your lower plate is more effective than your upperplate which most are unaware of.

      you also cannot be tracked+dmg'd when like this because of all the funky spaced armor 


      something to note is that the turret ring is unfortunately a big weakness for those who are aware of it, its about 220-230 effective so good against standard rounds, but not against gold.

      and the best Part? its only 7800 fucking gold

    4. ninjaman217


      just got my first round in. the commander's hatch is weak spot but your so right about that perfect angle

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