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  1. 497 Games to complete

    Congratulations! As a reward for your recruits' success you receive: Vehicles added: T95E2 Slots added: 1

    1. monjardin


      I’m so sorry. It was shit when introduced and is now power creeped into oblivion. I would play it anyway if it didn’t hemorrhage credits from needing the expensive gold shells. It’s a single shot T69 gun. To make matters worse, the Patton-59 is an almost identical tank that has gotten its silver penetration buffed twice while the T95E2 has been left behind. 

    2. NightmareMk9


      This event is 100% Cluster Fuck!

      You CAN enter multiple CC codes.

      ALL the codes listed above are accepted

      NONE of the codes appear to give you anything

      NO mission or confirmation in game

      Fed 2nd Scavenger Hunt code.

      You have 48 hours to enter this


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