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  1. Getting kinds burnt out on Frontlines.  I'm doing pretty well and it still seems like a LOT of work.  7 Games this Episode. 5 wins, 4 Generals.  You can't even just Yolo 100 games either...

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Same here. In fact, I've only played maybe 2 days of frontline for this month's event. I don't even care about prestige anymore. Just playing for credits. WG are masters in ruining good things.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      I got more generals this episode, but i agree that playing the same map (with basically the same strat) over and over again, for 7 days, with 5 episodes left, can be boring to hell.


      Yesterday I nolifed a whole prestige (getting me at P5 in only 2 episodes) and the last games were really painful. The last was special, i needed 250 exp to reach tier 30, i yoloed 4 tanks to get lieutenant and then sat in the back for the rest of the game. If i manage to grind 3 prestiges on July as well, i'll have the t9 by August and can skip grinding the rest of the event, if not for credits.


      All this mode needs is one more map and 2 consumables to LTs while reducing HTs to 2.

    4. 8_Hussars


      Anecdotally,  there are more generals per match in this Episode than previous.  The max I have recorded is 12 generals in one game. Which is contrary to what I expected, so what do I know.


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