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  1. BM Loot Box, what were they thinking.  I had all the tanks except 7.  But I have Rental games on the Alpine, so that counts.  So I get the Type59 Gold in the second door.  it is going to be a shit show

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    2. yoyoya2


      IS6 was my first door and then I got Type59G second door, There are going to be so many Types in game now

    3. Bobi_Kreeg


      Yes. They got devalued hard. Just like T-22

    4. Expendable_Lad


      You guys are lucky - I got all the shitty duplicate tanks - have Mutz, so got the Schwarzpanzer, then T-34 Black, Chrysler, tier II minimaus and alpine tiger. Went with the last , but am dissapoint. Still a good deal for 5mil credits and 5k gold i guess. 

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