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  1. Frontline Mode is like herding cats.  I has 2 back to back 15&16 minute games last night.  First game I was top damage and 1/2 way through Major but the shitters just HAD to kill the guns with 10+ minutes on the clock.

    1. Enroh


      i dont bother with FL anymore...as much as I want the mystery tank Id rather play randoms. I can make enough credits in randoms without having to deal with shitters in arty in FL. 

  2. I think I called 100% cluster fuckage on day 2? WG never disappoints with their ability to Fuck UP
  3. FUCK YOU WGNA.  I got a chat ban and they quoted from the clan chat in addition to public chat:

    5v2 in the field, and you pussies wont push

    puss is afk

    the best part is the good credits and XP even when you team is full retard
    FUCK all you cunts that left A!!!!!!\
    yuou look like a cunt

    you sucked thier dicks maybe
    suck a dick you shitter
    suck a dick twat


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    2. Assassin7


      Nah they just open your chatlog, control+F any bad words, and go "herpaderp your banned now lul"

    3. Haswell


      Why haven't you disabled chat yourself?

    4. Errants


      One could avoid the rage.

  4. Who the F thinks up these events? https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/tank-madness-round-robin-0319/ My Poll http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/599396-tank-madness-poll/
  5. DomoSapien#54Posted Yesterday, 06:23 PM Community Coordinator Administrator 14127 battles 786 [WGA] Member since: 12-28-2012 Everyone, thank you for all the feedback, and questions. To be entirely honest I'm not 100% thrilled with the fact that the missions were all slotted into a 3-day window but unfortunately that's what I was given. The large number of battles required to get the rewards is also not something I'm 100% thrilled with. Unfortunately these factors are beyond my ability to control at this time, but the feedback is something that's being incorporated for future iterations. First things first, it's probably worth mentioning that there will be no March Scavenger Hunt. We are putting it on Hiatus for a month to incorporate feedback, and make improvements to the format. If we can't figure out a way to make this less of a pain for players to participate in, we will likey move back to the original December format. (find 4 codes, get some boosters as soon as you redeem them, get something extra for finding all 4) The downside to that format is much less prizing, the upside is significantly more ease of access. Budman717, on Feb 27 2019 - 17:47, said: Domo; I realize I'm risking sounding ungrateful, and believe me, I AM VERY grateful for the XP. My only question is this: The original video by 4tankersanddog shows 50,000 XP for 28 tokens, and your graphics show 30,000 XP for 28 tokens. Which is it? I'm asking because I'm planning on using the XP to unlock a new tank, and if it's only 30,000 XP, I might have to change which tank I'm planning to unlock. Again, not complaining; I just would rather know now instead of screwing this up. Thanks! BoneHitter, on Feb 27 2019 - 20:17, said: Wasn't the second XP reward originally 50,000? Shibadogdog, on Feb 27 2019 - 21:16, said: Some valid points, the original promo DID show 50K exp, and really not fair to put a 3 day window when you didn't tell anyone upfront. I don't think it will have any effect on me since I don't think I got all the codes and there is no way to see. Still I will take what I can get Ortinoth_, on Feb 27 2019 - 19:19, said: @domo i thought the xp was supposed to be 60k in total from what it was orgianally and this only shows a total of 40k total xp--- Honestly, I have been scratching my head wondering where the heck everyone got this reward structure, because folks have been asking me about the rewards before I announced them. Now I know why. I must have missed that video. That was not the official list of prizes nor should that have been published because the prizing was not finalized at the time of publishing. 4TankersandDog wasn't told to publish the list of rewards, but I suppose he also wasn't asked NOT to publish it so I can't really say I blame him. That said, though, there was a lot of back and forth with the SSE (serverside event) Engineers about the rewards and event structure (this whole '28 battles' thing was a compromise, I would have much rather had all the tiered rewards trigger the first time you complete Mission 1) and the reward structure didn't get approved and finalized until later. SargeanTravis, on Feb 27 2019 - 17:40, said: I'm so confused. Does it matter that I entered in all 28 codes, because from what I'm getting, all you need to do is do the missions 28 times I mean, thanks for the graphic, but it makes me even more confused. Are these tokens represented by the codes we entered, or do we have to grind 28 battles to get to the top prize? It's not impossible, but really annoying if the latter is the case. Yes, the number of codes you entered determines the number of times you can complete Mission 1, which determines how many Folder Tokens you receive. gpc_4, on Feb 27 2019 - 17:58, said: Blerg. Blerg to this whole scavenger hunt code thing. Fair enough, if you've been following along you know it's been a bumpy road. Wiggling our SSE functions to try something unconventional is not an easy task. RBSPWAW, on Feb 27 2019 - 18:07, said: This is not happening to me this time (thankfully) since my Spring vacation starts the following week. BUT, for the record, I think limiting the payouts to a short window of time after a whole month of dutifully following the rules is a pretty terrible thing to do to people at the end of the long slog. I would be way more pissed off than Peak_Bagger if this had happened to me. It's entirely unnecessary to screw people with such a short window to collect rewards. FrontenacDuVandoo, on Feb 28 2019 - 10:15, said: Mission 6 requires 28 Folder tokens to activate. You convert one Code token into a Folder token per game via mission 1. So it's 28 games to activate the last mission. I hear ya, I'm not super happy about the fact that folks need to complete the mission 28 times in 3 days, but that's the timeframe I was given. FrontenacDuVandoo, on Feb 27 2019 - 18:26, said: First: Thanks for the details. Second: Your post mentions 3x Crew EXP Booster 100% 2 Hours, while the pic says 1 hour... I'm guessing all boosters will be 1h. Third... It's weird/annoying that after having collected all of these codes we need to jump through more hoops to get the boosters. The initial announcement kind of said "get the codes from CC, win some boosters". I understand the idea behind it for the higher tier rewards though. But the part that bugs me the most is the restricted timeframe combined with 1 game per token. You're asking for 28~30 games (more than that in reality for the average players) within a specific 3 day window to get the prizes. Opening up the timeframe to 1 week or 10 day (so that 2 weekends are covered) would be a minimum in my opinion. Or even better, give us the whole month. To your second point: Good catch. I will verify, but the text is taken from the event plan itself so I'm 85% sure they are 2 hour boosters. To your third point, it's valid. Again, it's not quite set up how I wanted it to be, had to make some compromises with the event guys because they won't let me give out this much stuff unless it's through missions that drive in-game engagement as well. Tao_Te_Tomato, on Feb 27 2019 - 20:21, said: Nope, still not getting it, even with the visuals. Gonna go with the tl;dr version: Getting stuff. Pay attention to mission tab at 27 and 28, being careful what tanks I play then. Play better than 1/3 of your team and you'll get boosters + a folder token every time you do Once you have 27 folder tokens, pick a tank that you want to get an XP bonus. Play better 1/3 of your team again and you'll get 10k XP for that tank. Play the same tank better than 1/3 of your team again and you'll get another 30k XP for the tank. All of this said, this whole Scavenger Hunt project has been an amazing learning experience for me, and has been very eye-opening as far as the limitations of 7+ year old game for running missions. Someone mentioned that it makes sense to me because it's my project and I've been designing it - honestly that's pretty spot on. Like, if I could sit you down in front of me and explain in person, you'd understand in about 30 seconds. It's really pretty straightforward, but when you try to break it down in text all of a sudden you're typing a 5-paragraph essay. I have been mulling this idea over for a while: depending on interest I was thinking about making a blog-style post or a video going over the initial goals of the Scavenger Hunt project, challenges we ran into, decisions and factors that motivated changes in format, as well as plans for the event in the future. Would anyone be interested in that? I imagine some folks are curious why there were so many bumps along the way.
  6. I have no clue what, if anything, TANKSHOT did. It was accepted, but nothing showed up in game as far as I can tell. In other news... WG makes MAJOR changes to the Rewards for the February Event on Feb 27 http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/599121-march-missions-for-february-scavenger-hunt/ 30k XP instead of 50k XP and you need to play 28 games in the top 10 to get the Personal Reserves (March 8- March 11). But ending at 4 am on March 11, so 3 days. FU WGNA
  7. I quit receiving personal reserves after I got the 30k xp. Are you guys still getting the personal reserves for top 10? Also a friend entered all 4 Jan codes and has no 30k Missions. He submitted a ticket. I’ll let you know if WG responds before the Shit Show of an Event ends.
  8. Oh for fuck SAKE!!!!! Now Feb 6 = Feb 8 and I bet my left nut they "Can't" Extend the Event
  9. More F-ups!!!! Are you surprised???

    30k XP, 50k XP and 100k XP


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    2. monjardin


      @Errants You get an extra 10 rentals games for one of the missions. So, the total it 25.

    3. Errants


      7th mission, at which point, you're done with them.

    4. Wanderjar


      The Northern missions are far easier by 2/3. 1k exp vs 3k

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