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  1. 497 Games to complete

    Congratulations! As a reward for your recruits' success you receive: Vehicles added: T95E2 Slots added: 1

    1. monjardin


      I’m so sorry. It was shit when introduced and is now power creeped into oblivion. I would play it anyway if it didn’t hemorrhage credits from needing the expensive gold shells. It’s a single shot T69 gun. To make matters worse, the Patton-59 is an almost identical tank that has gotten its silver penetration buffed twice while the T95E2 has been left behind. 

  2. Has anyone "Invited" a friend for the Holiday Loot Boxes Reward?

    Do you actually get the PAID Loot boxes, or just the crap you can earn in game?

    I got this email a couple days ago:

    'Tis the season to launch volleys! Give the gift of multiplayer military mayhem this holiday season to your closest comrades, and you'll both receive five FREE holiday lootboxes. Make sure your new Commander uses the invite code while creating their account, then completes the bootcamp missions. Then play at least one battle in a platoon with your new recruit, and you'll both receive these fine gifts!

    This offer expires on January 8th. Holiday boxes will be added to your account on January 10th.

  3. NightmareMk9

    40 Tremendously Pathetic "Appreciation Thread"

    I think that is the only one that DOESN'T suck and I'm up to the tier 7 HT (its bleh).
  4. Mutant on the Advent tomorrow, queue the tears !

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    2. Tarski


      This was on my list of tanks to pick up for gold if they showed up on the advent calendar. I'm double pleased because of the low price tag. 

    3. Ham_


      I just got a T26E5 and I'm kinda bummed how easy tier 10s pen the turret, will this solve my problems?

    4. TheChang


      @Ham_ Of course, pref tanks don't see tier 10! Even an FCM would solve your problems! :kappa:

  5. NightmareMk9

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    I've only ever played Fallout 4, I thought it was ok. But I guess not as good as the last couple. Survival RPG in that world might be fun. For when WG finally finishes flushing the toilet on WOT
  6. XP conversion is 40:1

    And some other stuff WG didn't bother to announce:

    Crew Skill Stuff, Crew Skill Increase, Barracks, In game Premiums 15/30% off

    1. DirtyACE7


      They're too busy getting ready to announce yet another tier 8 Soviet premium.

  7. Thanks Errants, I was going to try and find the post from last year.
  8. 4th Code is up.  Might want to save it for when you can get the max use.




    x5 XP

    For your second Victory
    in each vehicle

    • Win the battle
    • All battle types
    • First win does not count
    • Once per vehicle in your Garage
    • You must have all four tokens
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    2. MatzerMike


      Are those codes just NA thing?

    3. Haswell


      5 hours ago, NightmareMk9 said:

      It just looks like plain text on the wotlabs home page.  At least on my pc.

      Enable rich text and see what mess you made.

    4. j_galt


      Looks fine using Firefox.   Old school browser = master browser?

  9. WOT Weekly posted the 3rd Code


    Also there is a Red v Blue type Code

    Krampusvagn or Santamaus

    Coffee & Cinnamon vs Chocolate as reward

    1. j_galt


      Thanks for the updates!

    2. Assassin7


      Im tomato and thats okay, lol

  10. WOT Codez

    each one gives 3 XP, Crew and Credit reserves



    The 4 Tankers Code is part of a set.  See video


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    2. Wanderjar


      both worked for me thanks



    3. hazzgar
    4. Bavor


      You can only use on CC code.  The next one will be in the WoT Weekly YouTube video.

  11. We have +15% xp in wot with the Twitch Thing. I have like 300 games I play wows about 20% compared to wot.
  12. NightmareMk9

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    WG fixed the dates. It was until Dec 13, now Dec 10
  13. NightmareMk9

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    WG is just making it stupid hard to get the tank for free. If they can get $20-30 out of a couple hundred people then they win.
  14. Lots of tanks are 50% off in the Premium Shop.  If you get the HT VI for $9, its 416 Gold per dollar (plus the garage slot and 100% crew and stupid 5x XP things).  Its better for the tier 7 tanks, but I don't own any of those.

  15. Super Easy mission to get 7500 XP today

    Secret Carriage: Day 4

    STARTS: Nov. 15, 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET
    ENDS: Nov. 16, 03:19 PT | 05:19 CT | 06:19 ET

    • Damage at least four (4) enemy vehicles in a single battle
    • 25 Bonds
    • 7,500 XP
    • 2x Personal Reserves: +50%booster_credits_25x.pngCredits (1 hour)
  16. If you log onto WOWP, you should get a free day of premium.  There is a very easy mission for a second day

    Also 40 : 1 Free XP Conversion.  I can convert all 14k I have in wowp for like 350 Gold

  17. WHAT in the fucking world is this shit???

    amouranth on twitch, link no workie


    She just whispers and rubs on the mics

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Finding porn must be really hard...

    3. Fulcrous


      That's a whore.

    4. Strigonx


      twitch thotery and inferior server sperglord shitter is the only thing that brings a breath of fresh air to this site??

      What a sad sad way to end.

  18. WTB Non-Idiot team for Dark Front.  When I consistently deliver 1/3+ of the green shit someone is fucking off

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Mode is way too grindy and not very interesting. With some tweaking to the gameplay it might have been more fun. Even then the grind is still absurd, the numbers keep cranking up for the entire duration. The last rank takes 4200, screw that. In the meantime the gold price is dropping 500 a day, if it actually bottoms out at 500 I'd buy a week of super premium and a camo set for that. Maybe 1000.

    2. Balthazars


      Yeah, the mode simply isn't fun to justify the extent of the grind, especially given each level is time-gated. I basically intend to grind out enough for the weekly mission and that's it. I'll take then whatever level of bonuses I get to and go back to my usual grinds.

      WG have had some fun mini-games down the years, but they screwed up badly with this one.

  19. Don't forget the Golden Joystick Missions.  15k XP today on your 3rd win (assuming you didn't get it yesterday).  I missed the first one :(  2 more in the next week.  Really helps grind out these shitty Polish Tanks

  20. Something weird happened Wednesday Night.  My ping went from <100 to over 300.  Major packed loss, then the server seemed to crash.  Based on forum posts it took maybe 45 minutes to fix.  I just went to bed.

  21. uk.pngVIIIgb93_caernarvon_ax_icon.svgCaernarvon Action X  

    Special "Fear Naught" styleicon_style_small_T6fvJJ9.pngfor the Caernarvon Action X

    Fully trained "zero-Skill" Crew withbrothers-in-arms_25x.pngBrothers in Arms Perk

    1xhangar_slots.pngGarage slot

    1. lavawing
    2. Sapros


      Full crew with the Brothers in Arms perk trained to 100%

      EU version of the article.

      f indeed


  22. NightmareMk9

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    I'm also at the Tier 8. Looking forward to the B On a side note. I had a game last night in the 8. I had used my repair kit and first aid kit after an arty hit. The I got Arty'd again, Ammo Racked and Killed the Loader. I just emptied the drum to kill the first arty. It was almost 50 seconds to load 1 shell
  23. NightmareMk9

    Personal Missions 2.0

    You can run both at the same time
  24. MAY I PRESENT TO YOU... B_R_M_KANE PROOF of the Human/Potato Crossbreed This is an actual "Person" because they TK'd me on purpose when I asked about their origin (They don't want us to know the truth)
  25. NightmareMk9

    Sharks vs Eagles Event

    Thanks for the "Reject" Info. Also, it appears you need to play at least 1 battle (I'm not sure if you need to score points) to get the daily reward and crate for the TEAM win.