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  1. This might very well have some noticeable effect, but not to such a degree. Also, check the wotlabs stats on the NA server as an example: Server Statistics Overall Average Win Rate:48.96% Average Tier:5.21 Average WN8 Rating:813 Players Tracked:258038 Clans Tracked:5357 Note that this is the average WN8, not the median WN8. Given that there are people reaching over 4k WN8, the median is bound to be lower than the average (for those not stat-savvy: averages get distorted by extreme values, especially if one end the scale is bound in one direction as it reaches 0, e.g. two homeless guys and Bill Gates are on average very rich - the average of two zeros and 76 bln is 25.3 bln). Meanwhile, the graph shown in the OP suggests that the median is 1200, and the avg is even higher (more extreme values to the right than to the left). It pretty obviously has nothing to do with reality, I suspect it was just made for demonstration/illustration purposes and is not even based on any real-world data.
  2. A simple glance at that chart tells you that it has nothing to do with real-world data, unless it is some heavily biased dataset (like "only people from NA who logged in to check their stats"). Enabling XVM on the EU will quickly show you that the real distribution looks more like a slope - there is way, way more reds than that chart you copied suggests. Wotlabs reports that the average WN8 is between 800 and 900 depending on the server, and I suspect even that is inflated.
  3. Strawman much? No, you did the right thing in WW2. But that does not give you license to install and/or prop up abusive autocrats all over the world. Actually, considering you guys seem so concerned about terrorism, let me suggest a solution. I've lived in the Muslim world for two years, and that's living among real people and speaking their language, not as a monolingual expat in a villa. You see, I've observed first-hand how nice, tolerant and laid-back communities gradually turn more and more radical under the influence of clerics and organizations sponsored by money coming from a certain country. So if you really want to stop the radicalization of the Muslim world and make the world a safer place for everybody, here's the solution: 1. Stop selling weapons to the Saudis. 2. Cease your alliance with these lunatics. 3. Stop buying oil from them. Trust me, that would be much more effective than invading Iraq and Afghanistan. I happen to be 1/8 Jewish, does that mean you are not allowed to criticize Europe for its past antisemitism in my presence? Yeah, didn't think so.
  4. No, all I suggest is that your attempt at using European history to dismiss Paaranoja's criticism of US meddling in the affairs of the entire world was a complete dud. You tried to use the "but your ancestors/countrymen did that too, and even worse" card, and you failed, cause in Paaranoja's case the answer is nope, they didn't. And if we were to hold "no ethnic cleansing in history" as the standard, then no one would be able to criticize anyone, as pretty much every group of people engaged in ethnic cleansing at some point, even stone-age hunter-gatherers do that. Also, remember when you used to take a piece of land and force the natives out of it? Yeah... No, you did not invade Ukraine. You did, however, turn a thread on the Ukrainian crisis into a discussion of your retarded American politics, history, various media sources, and most recently even on American combat aircraft and the combat readiness of selected US Army units. Seriously, the majority of posts in this thread have more to do with internal American issues than with Ukraine. If you can't help but make everything revolve around your country, don't be suprised when people get pissed off. How about cleaning half a fucking continent of its native residents and herding them into tiny reservations purposefully formed out of the most useless land on that continent?
  5. ^Found that as well, but was too slow to update my post. Here's the update: EDIT: I see it now, I mixed you up with xWulffx in one post. Sorry about that, this thread moves so fast it's hard to keep up with names of all people involved.
  6. Pray tell, where exactly did I write anything like that? The whole topic of colonization cropped up as an accusation against Europe, which was supposed to make the things Paaranoja said invalid (ftr, I don't agree with everything he says, but that's irrelevant here). In response, I pointed out that Paaranoja does not come from the bullying/colonising part of Europe, so that accusation is a dud. That's all there is to it, no inferences intended. EDIT: I see it now, I mixed you up with xWulffx in one post. Sorry about that, this thread moves so fast it's hard to keep up with names of all people involved.
  7. That's because it indeed was. What happened is that after the region-wide economic collapse of the 90s Russia recovered in the 00s and continues to develop fast, whereas Ukraine just remained a mafia-governed shithole. I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you again, but pretty much the entire Eastern Europe (including my country) accomplished that feat. Russian fertility rates improved a lot under Putin, and while not quite at the replacement level, they are nevertheless the highest in the region (about 1.6 child/women IIRC, Ukraine is below 1.3 for comparison). Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2127rank.html Yes, pretty much.
  8. No, and neither is ethnic cleansing. What you may not realize is that my comment is related to the following sequence of posts: 1. Paaranoja points out that US behaves similarly to Russia (bossing smaller countries, military interventions without solid, proven reasons, etc.), so it's hypocritical for it to criticize it. 2. xWulffx replies to Paaranoja by saying that he shouldn't criticize USA either, cause his ancestors/countrymen colonized and bossed around the world for hundreds of years. 3. I point out that the particular part of Europe that Paaranoja comes from had nothing to do with any of the above, implying that Paaranoja is in fact in position to criticize US interventionism. 4. Garbad moves the goalposts by talking about ethnic cleansing. You need a citation to be sure that no Balkan country ever had any colonies? Oh boy, I knew American education was in dire shape, but I didn't know it was that bad. Sure, and Mexico obviously just lacks the means to invade Pakistan, otherwise they would totally do that.
  9. Sure they did lots of repugnant shit, but that stuff did not include colonizing or bossing around the entire world, which is what CrazyScientist was talking about. Holding someone from the Balkans accountable for colonization is like holding Mexicans accountable for what Bush did to Iraq.
  10. Um, you do realize that Paaranoja is from the Balkans, so his country (whichever of the Balkan states it is) never colonized or raped anybody other than maybe its immediate neighbors? Or is the concept that Europe is not a single country too hard for you?
  11. ^Not really, according to the Ukrainian constitution the president does not have the authority to authorize foreign troops, only the parliament can do that.
  12. This is a really good and surprisingly balanced recalling of events, bravo. Except As for the first link, already in the comments to it there are people pointing out that by the same logic only 45% of Ukrainians are pro-European. Also, reddit is hardly a source. As for the second - nice poll, but not quite as straightforward in its results as you'd like to make it sound. Check page 14. (for the lazy ones: Question asked is "If Ukraine was able to enter only one international economic union, which entity should it be with?", and the answers: European Union - 17%, Customs Union with Russia - 53%). For the record, I agree that what Putin is doing is totally illegal and should be punished, I'm just pointing out that Ukraine is in fact divided, and Eastern Ukrainians organizing pro-Russian rallies is not "staged by Russia", just like Majdan was not "staged by the West". Well, given that most of these countries are suffering complete demographic collapse (Ukraine is among the worst cases), their state pension bill would grow exponentially for little practical gain. Not all, but the overwhelming majority, yes. Ukrainian GDP per capita is about two times lower than the Russian one.
  13. Sign me up for the fan club, just bought mine yesterday and already loving it. This thing is so unfair it makes me feel dirty to be playing it, and it almost makes sturer emil worth it. So far running stable 2.2k dpg and I don't even have a rammer mounted yet.
  14. Sure, the source is this article: http://www.palgrave-journals.com/ces/journal/v49/n1/full/8100182a.html Full disclosure: I did not read it in its entirety, just skimmed through it to see if it's trustworthy enough before linking the chart. Wikipedia has what I would consider a good introductory description of the situation, it concerns Russia but pretty much the same thing happened in most formerly soviet countries, including Ukraine: "In October 1991, Yeltsin announced that Russia would proceed with radical, market-oriented reform along the lines of "shock therapy", as recommended by the United States and IMF.[30] However, this policy resulted in economic collapse, with millions being plunged into poverty and corruption and crime spreading rapidly.[31]Hyperinflation resulted from the removal of Soviet price controls and again following the 1998 Russian financial crisis. Assuming the role as the sequel to the legal personality of the Soviet Union, Russia took up the responsibility for settling the USSR's external debts, even though its population made up just half of the population of the USSR at the time of its dissolution.[32] When once all enterprises belonged to the state and were supposed to be equally owned amongst all citizens, they fell into the hands of a few, who became immensely rich. Stocks of state-owned enterprises were issued, and these new publicly traded companies were quickly handed to the members of Nomenklatura or known criminal bosses. For example, the director of a factory during the Soviet regime would often become the owner of the same enterprise. During the same period, violent criminal groups often took over state enterprises, clearing the way by assassinations or extortion. Corruption of government officials became an everyday rule of life. Under the government's cover, outrageous financial manipulations were performed that enriched the narrow group of individuals at key positions of the business and government mafia. Many took billions in cash and assets outside of the country in an enormous capital flight.[33] That being said, there were corporate raiders such as Andrei Volgin engaged in hostile takeovers of corrupt corporations by the mid-1990s.[citation needed] The largest state enterprises were controversially privatized by President Boris Yeltsin and subsequently owned by insiders[34] for far less than they were worth.[30] Many Russians consider these infamous "oligarchs" to be thieves." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Russia#Economic_history That isn't to say that pro-market reforms were not necessary, just that they were terribly botched.
  15. Don't get me wrong, she is better than the last Ukrainian president or Putin, but still not exactly the kind of person you'd like to have as the leader of a EU- or NATO-member country. More of a "our bastard" kind than a serious ally material.
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