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  1. Here is a very nice clip from U.S. Marines, 1st Tank Battalion when they are having a live fire exercise at Twentynine Palms. Really awesome footage. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=477_1401305567
  2. Ouch On topic: This was one of those matches that makes you wanna hit buddhist monks in the face. Ended up in a t9 game with my Centurion 1 on South Coast. The whole game I was the only one on the east half of the map. I managed to get 4 shots in before we got our asses handed to us. We lost 1-15 and I got most damage done with 1191dmg...in this tier 9 match... Was this the worst game of the year?
  3. So many inputs and interesting thoughts. Since I started getting sixth sence on my first tanks I find myself too cautious. Too often I focus on not beeing spotted, and end up missing out on good action letting my team carry my cowering ass. I think I should remove SS from KV1S at least, as I suppose that if I dont get spotted in a heavy, I am doing it wrong.
  4. I played up to Tier VI, where I decided to stay some time while improving my gameplay. I have been thinking about how many of my opponents that have fully equipped tanks with crews with at least one perk. Can it be 50/50 between players that just grind through the tank with 87% crews and players that are roflstomping with their favourite tank? At Tier VIII-X I am sure almost everyone have imba tanks and crews. I have been thinking that I might be learning bad habits, that my tactics won't work at higher tiers, not only because the players, but also the tanks are so much more equipped wi
  5. Oh hai fellow tankers. I'm a 35 year old Swede that, when I write this post, have about 2300 games played. I started playing with zero knowledge and hadn't even watched the trailer when I installed the game. I was hooked from the first battle and immediately started reading tutorials and forums to learn the most important game mechanics to know as a newbie. After about 1500 matches i found WotLabs and that was the point I started to care about stats, and I really like to follow my progress in the statistics. I have stopped rushing tiers and have settled down at T5 and T6 to train up all m
  6. Will be really fun to find some new spots to die at
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