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  1. The Hami troll is OldSkool, he put this sentence as a shortcut in his ProMod which is probably the most downloaded mod in the german forum. With the last update he expanded the mod to the english forums, so even more player will troll Hami
  2. Hello dear Players, at the moment I am grinding with my Amx AC Mle. 1946 and I have serious problems with this tank. Most times I'm just not able to think of a good place to go and how to react properly. Usually I just try to stay a bit behind the front line and make some Dmg, unable to change a game or just to be a pain for my enemy. I think that I drive to aggressive and miss the point to relax and to retreat, but I have no real Idea how to play this tank, so it would be nice if someone could explain me how to get along with it. Escpecially at city-maps I have huge problems to come up w
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