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  1. Well, this isn't as helpful as I hoped it would be.
  2. I heff this now. And I rather like the gunplay. M16A4 for lyfe
  3. The WZ-131 is a miserable little piece of flammable trash. Passive scouting is fucking dead, and it's pretty shit at anything else.

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    2. Merky_Merc


      It's not an M41, and the rest of the t7 lights are fucking terrible. Next question plz

      The LTTB is ok too.

    3. westybig
    4. Siimcy


      While I think the LTTB is a pile of total garbage, the gun depression combined with the size made me depressed the Wz131 >>>> LTTB for me.

  4. When 48% 40k games players try to make fun of your stats and say you have no life. -___- I want to meet these people irl just so I can openly mock them

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    2. Shade421


      Stop being a no-life nerd, obviously. Lol I'm still active duty and I get accused of being a basement-dweller constantly.

    3. Merky_Merc


      Being called a basement dweller did occur shortly thereafter. But like dude has almost 3x as many games as me, how the fuck am I the no life. Stupid logic angers me.

    4. DeltaVolt


      @Merky_Merc if they were good at logic they wouldn't be so terrible at the game.

  5. I can no longer be the peasant in chat, rip.

  6. So it's even more obviously a slower m47 now. Silly wg.
  7. Merky_Merc

    GTA 5 PC

    I do wish the auto customization was a bit more fleshed out. I want to be able to do mod my offroad trucks and stuff but the options are all vanity things or like, lowered suspensions? Also if we could mod our cars to the extent that the cars in FF7 were modded for the plane scene that would be dope. Also add Merfy_Merc for heists and shite, Flavio and I have been trying to pull heists groups together for like 2 weeks but no one ever seems to play :/
  8. Merky_Merc

    GTA 5 PC

    I want heist friends plz I haz a truck and stuff >_>
  9. The Chi nu kai isn't terrible as far as the shit gift thing goes. Not amazing certainly, but the t2 light or one of the matildas is probably a much shittier shitgift tank. Also Ram 2 is pretty decent if you feel you must purchase one of these tanks before it goes away. As others have said it can be useful in skirms, and I get a giggle out of playing mine every now and then.
  10. Dude if you're legit new to watching it and you don't want to go full goofy anime immediately you can't really go wrong with Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon. I've watched those with people who thought anime was all googly eyed girls in school girl outfits and they enjoyed them quite a bit. Personally, I've also enjoyed most of the Gundam series and Area 88 as well. The movie cuts of the original Mobile Suit Gundam were great, as was 08th MS Team, and the rest of the Gundams in that universe which has a grittier real feel than some of the other series. Area 88 just has sweet ass cold war era jets
  11. Merky_Merc

    GTA 5 PC

    WTB Heists crew :/
  12. 215B might be the most overhyped t10 on wotlabs.

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    2. Velvet_Ewok


      Agree. Rage sold mine after 40 games of being the sole focus of any and all arty in that match.

      Like legit they'd ignore the purple sitting in the open not moving while trying to constantly splash me while I'm doing my best anti-arty dance.

      Fuck that tank.

    3. Burdenedfungus


      Only tank I've ever caught fire 3 times in one match. Also fuck everyone who claims the turret isn't awful

    4. Evelyn


      #215b meta. You can thank me for the hype <3

  13. Rip my contact list apparently?

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