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  1. Grinding my smurf referral account on the SA server is a superior PVE experience to Homefront.

  2. Is accelerate crew training tick box broken for anyone else? I am getting a ton of free xp associated with my premium tanks.


    1. TheChang


      Are you applying your x3 exp from your WoT premium account on them? None of it goes to crew exp whether you have accelerate crew training on or not.

    2. ikitai


      That must be it. Just happened on my 12t.

  3. I am saddened to learn I played the Lorraine 40t better than I can play the BatChat 25t AP. I am seriously running around a 33% wr. Will keep grinding until I grind the tanks wr down to that or get better in the old kewei method. 

  4. This little gem is back on sale for a limited time. Though they do force you to buy a package. Def recommend throwing on a Vert Stab and not use the silly camo net they make you buy. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wot/vehicles/6068/
  5. ikitai

    Do you EVEN 90?

    As a permagreen shitter who has flashes of ok in OP tanks, this looks like fun to try to relive the days of passive scouting that were dying as I joined the game those many years ago. Love the idea of Vent + Binoc + VStab. Hell I even have a spare Vstab from the recent equipment sale. Also enjoyed the min-max hull-only paint in the video earlier in the thread. Some level of latent OCD has kept me from doing that on all my tanks except the Obj 430 II. Good bye $30 hello WN8 and WR crash. (At least I got in on the 13 57 back in the day)
  6. I clearly have too much disposable income and bought a set of 75 boxes (Chines New Year edition). My recap: 26.5K gold 47 days of premium 7,800,000 credits Type 59 (box 24 and I already own the other three Tier VIIIs) AC1 Sentinel 3 garage slots 5 inscriptions Decoration level moved from 4 to 10 Assuming 250 gold/$ level I received $187.60 on just gold and credits without considering the rest. Happy with the purchase. Hope the premium goes on sale for gold at a discount again before the holiday program ends.
  7. According to the patch notes, they have buffed the gun handling and also added the ability to use the Vert Stab. This plus the MM is working very well for me. AMX 13 57 GF Decreased dispersion during movement of the AMX 13 57 suspension by 19% Decreased dispersion on hull traverse of the AMX 13 57 suspension by 19% Decreased dispersion on turret traverse of the 57 mm L/100 gun by 17% Added the option of mounting the Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1 According to VB Addict (which doesn't seem to be catching post-patch stats) I was at 48.7% WR. In the matches since the patch I have been at a 53.6%.
  8. I am honestly surprised that no one has revived this zombie thread yet. The 9.18 patch is a god-send for the AMX 13 57. I am waiting for the call to nerf this amazing little tank. Thankfully it is a premium so they seem reticent to do so these days. I left the game for about 18 months (I think) and to get back in the swing I started running my T67 again - worst pixel heroin ever. Now the AMX 13 57 is my new drug and it is a premium too! Handy since I need to buy so many vert stabs these days. I know the consensus was that AMX 13 57 was shit when it was released, but any buyers or receivers of these as shit gifts are vindicated. Highly recommend you buy if it is released again 10/10. Also recommend milkym4n's model to remove the ugly WG logo.
  9. I have a spare 970 from when I upgraded to my 980ti if you want. Suggest a fair used price if you'd like. Gently used since March - wot isn't too hard on video cards, lolz.
  10. Sorry _Marine, I can't bring myself to wade through the EW official forums. Happy belated corps birthday btw. _WL, just whining about the grind to 50%. I have the money if not the time. Guess I can't deny Obsidian money for their mortgages and food. Your friendly neighborhood former army puke. Icky
  11. So, let me understand this; I must play arty to get the best commanders and retrofits? I can't free xp them (or whatever it is called) and it is rude to play arty in PVE? According to Rita's, the designers have also postponed changing these mechanics to the patch after this delayed one? Lastly, I get to wait 4:30 for the right to experience this. Am I undertanding the designers intentions properly or am I just on tilt from three 15-3 stomps in a row that provide little to no xp? Thanks in advance for your kind assistance talking me off a ledge.
  12. I guess I use Alt+Tab more than I realized. Thanks AW for teaching me this through the mechanic of locking up.

    1. CarryMode


      What the fuck was the point of them doing that?

    2. ikitai


      Honestly, no idea.

  13. ikitai

    M56 Scorpion Review

    Sale ends in about 6 hours from now.
  14. BAKED, a member of the Minion Consortium, is focused on tournaments. http://m--m.enjin.com/home BAKED requirements Tournament and skirmish focused5k+ Battles1000+ Overall Wn851%+ Winrate & 18 Years or Older
  15. ikitai

    JP II or JT?

    Pred, I sold my JP2 on the 15% discount and picked up the JT today on the 30% discount. I'll let you know how it works. BTW, let's platoon this week.
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