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  1. They could offer the upgraded slots as a benefit to premium time. That would help the PTW and not confuse people with all the new equipment. (/s tag I guess)
  2. I just realized you can see who shot the turrets in Frontline. Good opportunity to thank the window lickers who leave 11 minutes on the clock and get me stuck at Lieutenant. Common reply, "I have to, you farmers make us lose."

  3. Why didn't they buff the wheelies though. I mean sometimes they slow down when a wheel is damaged. /s
  4. Frontline has reached a new low. I thought objective rushing was toxic. Nope, such aggressive defense that no caps taken and no one made general on either side. Clutch.

    1. Private_Miros


      I had a 12 minute game yesterday where the maximum damage dealt was 3.9k.

    2. hazzgar


      Yeah the morons dont know they need to allow the other side to cap. The point here is not to win. 

  5. Are equipment directives supposed to be purchased for bonds while crew directives are available for credits? It appears that way in the client for me.

    1. sohojacques
    2. ikitai


      Thanks, not sure how I missed that. Guess it justifies improved equipment.

    3. sohojacques


      Only changed with the last patch.

  6. Time to take my brand new T92 and send holiday cheer to all the new Obj 730 and E 75 drivers while wrapping up my SPG missions for the T-55A. For added spirit I will make it my Holiday Ops tank and toss on some festive camo. Thanks WG /s

  7. Pretty good haul for 75 box Lunar New Year set: 2019: 3 Million Credits; 47 Prem Days; 51,450 Gold; Obj 730 II, E 75 TS, 2x B Panther, 3x Sexton, 3x Pz III K, 2x AM39, Reindeer Girl; JP E100, Obj 430U, and T110E4 Styles. Comparison to last year. 2018: 3 Million Credits; 51 Prem Days; 52,100 Gold; Obj. 252U, 2x KV-220-2, 6x M4 Imp., 2x Turan III, Leafblower, Santa; all for styles (T57, IS-7, Grille 15, and Bat Chat)
  8. Completely unscientific observation, but it appears the anonymizers are usually shitters.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sohojacques


      Hope it is the case. Because the only way XVM will be truly defeated is if enough scrubs check the anonymiser box.

    3. ikitai


      I guess the normal distribution presuposes there will be more average and bads than super goods, huh?


    4. j_galt


      True.  I did find that suggesting in chat that the anons were baddies can result in a lot of baddie salt.


  9. Grinding my smurf referral account on the SA server is a superior PVE experience to Homefront.

  10. Is accelerate crew training tick box broken for anyone else? I am getting a ton of free xp associated with my premium tanks.


    1. TheChang


      Are you applying your x3 exp from your WoT premium account on them? None of it goes to crew exp whether you have accelerate crew training on or not.

    2. ikitai


      That must be it. Just happened on my 12t.

  11. I am saddened to learn I played the Lorraine 40t better than I can play the BatChat 25t AP. I am seriously running around a 33% wr. Will keep grinding until I grind the tanks wr down to that or get better in the old kewei method. 

  12. This little gem is back on sale for a limited time. Though they do force you to buy a package. Def recommend throwing on a Vert Stab and not use the silly camo net they make you buy. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wot/vehicles/6068/
  13. ikitai

    Do you EVEN 90?

    As a permagreen shitter who has flashes of ok in OP tanks, this looks like fun to try to relive the days of passive scouting that were dying as I joined the game those many years ago. Love the idea of Vent + Binoc + VStab. Hell I even have a spare Vstab from the recent equipment sale. Also enjoyed the min-max hull-only paint in the video earlier in the thread. Some level of latent OCD has kept me from doing that on all my tanks except the Obj 430 II. Good bye $30 hello WN8 and WR crash. (At least I got in on the 13 57 back in the day)
  14. I clearly have too much disposable income and bought a set of 75 boxes (Chines New Year edition). My recap: 26.5K gold 47 days of premium 7,800,000 credits Type 59 (box 24 and I already own the other three Tier VIIIs) AC1 Sentinel 3 garage slots 5 inscriptions Decoration level moved from 4 to 10 Assuming 250 gold/$ level I received $187.60 on just gold and credits without considering the rest. Happy with the purchase. Hope the premium goes on sale for gold at a discount again before the holiday program ends.
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