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  1. after the t-71 - the gun is very usable - I was killing tier 10 heavies with it
  2. As the topic title says - which do you get first the gun or the engine?
  3. My survival rate is generally based on the fact that in the early days there was no reward for damage on spotting - the only reward (XP/Credits) you got was sui-scouting faster than the other scout on your team to find the enemy! After that 10K battles of not caring doesn't help
  4. it's a sea of red at low and high tiers on the SEA/APAC/ASIA server regardless! I get what you are saying ... can't wait for this campaign to be over and stop grinding PZIII/PZIV crews up and back into the grind I wanted to be doing (T69)
  5. At the moment I get punished for some of my really stupid mistakes (the ones I'm trying to eradicate from my game)! Granted that once you are no longer being punished you should move on from the lower tiers, I'll rephrase the question - is it worth taking the time to go back to the lower tiers to work on something that you are being punished for consistently at the expense of your stats (anit pedotanker bias in WN7) or should you be seeing your stats as your first concern as these are the only measure we have of how well we are performing/improving?
  6. OK - First attempt to ask a "meaningful" question! I generally hand out the advice to go back to the lower tiers to "learn" the basics, re-learn how to read the ebb and flow of the game. Having done that I've noticed that my stats have been affected as my average tier is now lower over 60 days But I've noticed that my game play is improving in general. So the big question is - do I ignore my stats for a while longer and continue to work on those areas that need work at level that is more "forgiving" or do I move back up to the higher tiers to save my stats? I'm working on things like my angling, taking that fraction longer to make sure I do damage rather than just hitting etc. By using the lower tiers (where it is more forgiving & cheaper!) I'm surviving longer and being able to improve those aspects, as I've noticed the difference when I do credit runs in my T34 (and yes I know my stats suck in that tank ).
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