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  1. Revisited WoT this past weekend after a couple years absence, found it a bit stale (I know 5k matches isn't a whole lot over five years, but there's another 2.5k from CBT/OBT back in the day and I have a short attention span, okay). Decided to dip my toes in GF and initially find it different enough to be refreshing, though like WoT has that fragrant waft of turd lingering. Is it just light tanks or does everything handle like Blitzkrieg On Ice? Seems to be fairly easy to carry at low tiers, since few have figured out the capture-the-point-to-win thing and would rather fuck off to so
  2. I was surprised how much i like this thing. Holds its own decently against even and higher level opponents and is a clubber special against lower tiers IMO. http://imgur.com/a/9EVqJ
  3. After Friday night I just gave up on ships and went and played My Summer Car instead. Not all teams were bad but the ones who were, cripes a'mighty.
  4. A ship wouldn't unload all the guns in one instant like in game, but certainly could fire all guns brought to bear soon after another in one salvo. Typically once you had a range and bearing to target, your firing solution would resemble a ladder, with gun layers and setters assigned to aim say -200 yard short of target, -100 yards short, on target, +100 yards beyond target, +200 yards beyond. Once observers had identified and relayed any corrections your next salvo might tighten to something like -100 yd, -50 yd, 0 yd, +50 yd, +100 yd, walking your rounds in on target.
  5. It might be interesting. The 330mm Model 1931 fired an AP round weighing 560 kg (1235#) and had a muzzle velocity of 870 m/s (2854 ft/s). For comparison, the 14"/50 on the New Mexico in the game fires a 637 kg (1400#) AP round at 853 m/s (2799 ft/s). Therefore, it fires a round that weighs 88% as much and at 102% the velocity of the New Mexico AP round. The battlebaguette does have a faster ROF (28s vs. 34.2s), greater range (~18km vs. ~13km stock NM), more HP, and HE seems about par between the two discounting velocity. Armor is much thinner than the Fuso, New Mexico or Arizona, whi
  6. 10 starts up faster than 8.1 ever did, and I've had zero issues running WoWS, so net positive IMHO.
  7. In my limited experience, usually the types of people who make this kind of noise the most never so much as volunteered to chaperone a field trip, let alone have served in any branch (Although for the record I have not served either). That said I don't think most Arizona survivors would have minded, all the WWII vets I've met were more than happy for people to take interest in their experiences, good and bad. My late grandfather sometimes watched us play WWII video games and kibitzed about his experiences in the Philippines, and I've met Donald Burgett, the writer and 101st AB vet, who st
  8. I also ran into Lert and a few others with Arizonas across a few matches last night. The ship is painted blue with white mast tops and red turret roofs. My own observations is that it seems to follow the usual MO for US Standard battleships; slow but have a small turning radius, seems decent at close range fighting. No idea on the max range.
  9. Thanks to both of you. I've felt it's kind of bad etiquette to play an absolutely bone-stock ship or tank with incompletely trained crew anywhere, let alone in competitive play like Ranked. I'll probably try it a bit with the NM later, but I think I'll hold off on serious time investment until worked farther along the tech trees.
  10. Would it be at all advisable to try jumping into Ranked with mostly T5s? I do have a NM and Cleveland, but I am still grinding XP for the Aoba and Fuso. From what it sounds like, I may have a better time if I wait until next season.
  11. I've only got a handful of games in this tub so far, but goodness does it eat CAs. I'm curious to see how the King George V class will compare.
  12. As much as I like hard numbers to understand where I need to improve, I dislike the effects XVM had on WOT player relationships even more. If it wasn't focusing on 'good' opponents at the cost of the larger engagement, it was failing to support 'bad' teammates if not outright TKing them once or twice. Saw an EU thread where people were already discussing sniping players with hidden stats.
  13. If the enemy ship is turning hard about you, their ship will heel over, exposing the lower hull. At close range, aiming at the newly exposed waterline may grant you a better chance of a citadel on lower tier BBs than when the ship is level. In my experience this has worked on Wyomings, New Yorks, and Ishizuchis.
  14. for_SCIENCE


    I sold the Kawachi after I had one good battle in it (5 kills, ~90k damage), wasn't worth the usual experience. It's too big, slow and short ranged to dictate engagements well enough in my opinion, and it was especially bad facing Tier Vs before the MM was adjusted. Around islands and straits it can do well enough against low tier CAs and BBs when you can dictate exposure, but otherwise it blows goats. The Myogi can be a sweetheart IMO. The armament arrangement and RNG isn't great, but the speed, range, and firing angles are decent. You can engage lower tier BBs outside or at their max ra
  15. This is true for crew-spaces in surface warships, but I'll add US subs were air-conditioned well before that to manage humidity, as well as the magazine spaces in many US warships to prevent powder stores from getting damp or becoming an explosion risk.
  16. My grandfather had been on a troopship that passed though Typhoon Cobra in 1944, and has said exactly that about the quintuple bunks they had. The ship really started rolling in the storm, and he claims it looked like it was raining vomit in the berthing area.
  17. I find I miss the extra range and AA of the C hull more than I really utilize the addition guns and torpedoes if I use the B hull. The fish are very situational with that tub, and the extra range does more for its play style than the rare chance to use all the torpedoes effectively.
  18. IIRC those small hatches are for lighting and ventilation only
  19. Yeah, test shots are a crutch I'm trying to get away from. At longer range I find I still sometimes underestimate lead for a fast ship moving across the reticle, and frequently over/under CA/DDs moving away ~<30° from perpendicular. I think moving closer ought to help and I really should find a reticle mod.
  20. At longer ranges, I fire once to check lead and elevation, make any corrections if needed and then let fly with the rest of the guns as the first rounds are just about to land, and follow with full salvos. At closer ranges it's more contextual, but firing a large a salvo as prudent in the situation is my M.O.
  21. Alternately, offer both so one could have the choice between higher DPS (Des Moines class) or higher alpha (Alaska class). It's been gone over before but I could stand having a parallel tree between CLs and CA/CBs.
  22. I could have sworn shortly after release something was said by WG about gold staying separate for WoT/WoWp and WoWs, but I haven't found the forum post yet. Will update if I do.
  23. The Italian Regia Marina almost had a carrier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_aircraft_carrier_Aquila
  24. Haven't played since last weekend, but I had seen quite a few matches with ~5 to 7 or so DDs. Off topic: FYI CVN refers to nuclear-powered carriers, all carriers in the game are CVs or CVA/CVLs (light/escort carriers).
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