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  1. "Murican's start preaching the 2nd amendment mantra that an armed civilian could have stopped this. No one does so at any of the 13 mass shootings since Sandy Hook. 144 dead and 123 injured shows flawed argument is flawed. Team America. Fuck Yeah!
  2. Gaijin have always been far bigger arseholes at community stomping than WG will ever be.
  3. I stuck with Strong just because I dump everything on him and make him a packhorse. Once he has all his armour and a powersledge he just whakamoles everything so you conserve ammo
  4. I thought that dotted line on my pip boy was the map border until I wandered into the glowing sea. Phwarken..................many pants were shat in there.
  5. I was wondering what to do with my collection of suits. its like a junkyard at Sanctuary. Everything from T45 to BOS T-60's. In a dick move I mistakenly scrapped the bloody Armor Station. Now have to upskill to build a new one
  6. I'm still torn about which way to go. Minutemen or BOS. Both Garvey and that BOS boss seem like fuck-knuckles but BOS seem to have the good toys.
  7. I was thinking of this quest, but just walking around at night makes my rectum quiver enough,
  8. I wonder if I changed my IGN to a Viet name would it be RalphTheTheatreMeal.
  9. Did the thread title change whilst I was passed out in a gutter somewhere?
  10. Lol. Last person I saw try to "parkour" away from the cops got a 24 inch spun aluminium coathanger,
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