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  1. Hi, I tried to add a reply to a past thread but it was locked so I'll reference it and add my updated Question + the other Q I had. I'm getting close to getting my bc 25t and I wanted to figure out the setup beforehand. I intend to do a bit of scouting with it but I'd like to make sure I can be really good at hit & running guys. 1)6th sense is supposed to be changed very soon.... so my first question is should I avoid adding it immediately or get it as a first skill and hope I get compensated sufficiently once they switch its around? 2)Dependent on above, recommended firs
  2. Why would u run optics? Binos take 3 sec to engage, mostly you're sitting idle somewhere.... and if u relocate by the time ur turret swings after stopping your binos are going to engage well in advance of that. I have binos, gld, camo net
  3. The winrate minimum is low cause we're trying to grow #s and I believe a lotta people play recklessly like I did when starting WOT and FUBAR their winrate early. And you can learn to play better later on when in a clan.If prefer to be less picky when theres room and give people a chance and home to prove themselves. If they prove not CW minded they can be shifted to our social group CNEH2
  4. Most people will look and say "it must be a deal" and buy and not do the math. WOT is smart and boosts profits that way
  5. Question regarding repair skill for arty.... Isn't it kinda wasted? I find if I get hit in my arty I'm either dead or my 1 repair consumable is all I can expend to high tail it outta there before getting blasted again if its a scout that flew thru or I'm last man standing kinda situation. Wouldn't that crew skill be better spent on something else? Maybe a BatChat might have the agility to scoot around and use repair skill but most are sitting ducks most often.
  6. Welcome to our recruiting thread... [CDNEH] CANADA Eh? & [CNEH2] Canada Eh? 2 are accepting applicants from Canada, USA, and other geographies. We have a competitive group & a social group. Please apply to the appropriate one and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in this thread or privately by PM. Thank you. Competitive Clan: Canada Eh? [CDNEH] http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000008155-CDNEH/ - Players looking to compete in Clan Wars & tournaments Requirements: - 40%+ win rate minimum - Tier 8 (non-premium) and above + the determinatio
  7. Quick hi... looking to gather some knowledge to improve my stats and effectiveness now that I'm trying to play intelligently, not recklessly. 8k games, only the last 3k have been played with that in mind so my stats are slow to climb. Time to read
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