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  1. I played quite a lot with the Fujin now. Not only the last day, but I had to opportunity to test/showcase it for a week. Basically it is a more difficult to play minekaze: slower torpedo reload slower ship speed no AA at all worse ruddershift time Now the first 3 points are not really a big deal. Just play it a little bit more chilled out and well, you are okay. However the longer ruddershit time (2.9 seconds rather then 2.1 seconds) is a big deal. You will need to manuever between the 7.0 and 6.0 km to be super effective in the game. Actually, if you like the stockcolours, between 7.0 and 6.2km, because there isnt a special camo for less detection range........
  2. The Imperator Nikolai is just plain OP. Nothing to say more about it The Fujin is a more difficult to play Minekaze (ruddershift and torps reload time have been increased)
  3. Unfortunately I cannot tell this as this was one of the few requests I got about the giveaway from WG But as you can imagine, soon
  4. Coming Sunday I will do a give-away. 2 Imperatore Nikolais en 1 Kamikaze. 2 of the ships will be for subs/regulars only and 1 ship will be for everyone who is in the chat. The stream will start at around 12:00 CEST and I will give away 1 ship each 2 hours. You can thank WG for the ships
  5. And just for the information: I just made Community Contributor Also, the schedule will change a bit in the coming month as I got a new job. I will stream more in the weekends and will probably start streaming during the week at 19:00. But I will keep you all updated as well as I can.
  6. If you consider the following assumptions: WoT/WoWP/WoWs is run by WGSales & Marketing of WG has good experiences in a mature user base of WoT with selling in packages. The profits are good (assumption)WoWP was a failure and such it would not be a stretch to think it was a financial disaster for WGSales & Marketing of WG wants to try the selling of bundles in WoW, because they have good experiences with that within WoT and they are most likely instructed for high Sales, as WG wants to make sure WoWs won't at least be a financial disaster (assumption)Wether this "bundle selling" is a good idea in a relative young game and a relative young game community (with that I mean the community itself is fairly young, I do not mean the average age of the players in the community) is a whole other thing. I wouldn't be surprised that the Sales&Marketing department has a monthly/quarterly meeting with the Community Managers and that they will get feedback from those CMs.
  7. Well, all the information could be found in academic literature combines with company information websites (with information on finances/year reports and so on). Thats a little bit to much work for me if I am honest, but lets go to the beginning of this thread and lets discuss the points 1 by 1: Gameplay: For the first argument: The game is officially launched now, but is it? Lets be honest here, it is still under development and calling this game "complete" would be a joke. No arguing here, it does face imbalances. One could argue that players need to mature in the game to deal with those "unbalances" and a skilled player could see that there are some imbalances, but for the DD/BB/CA those are actually not that big (if you know how to play them)Does WG prioritize new tech trees? Didn't CloakingDonkey just admit in his own video that he has no contact at all with ANY of the WG employees. So how does he know this? What is the product/development/marketing roadmap for the game? New ships underpowered? You got to be kidding me: RU DDs can be insanely OP, if you know how to exploit it, yet again, the player needs to learn. KM Cruisers, will most likely also have an aspect that can be "exploited". CloakingDonkey has very little understanding of the game, this "new ships are OP argument" is another example of thatWG is a huge company with different titles and quite a big player base with an insane amount of different communities (only the language regions alone are quite a lot). Furthermore, each patch of World of Warships some the mayor issues have been adressed (and come on: replays not working...... which games have that as a core component? And who actually watches replays apart from youtubers (so no mayor game issue there)). Do not forget that in the World of Tanks startuptime, WG wasn't that big at all. It is a bad comparison.Monetization: Monetization wise Wargaming is focussing on people spending money on the game. This is not so strange. However, in WoT only 25% spends money and 1-2% can be called a "whale" (more then $100 a month). What are the incentives for these "whales" to spend their money? I hardly think that is to buy a ship that has nothing special at all to it. Overly expensive? For 98% of the players, probably yes. For "whales"? Probably no. So the pricing will be right. If these "whales" find the prices to high, they will spend it on something different, wargaming will notice this in the sales and they will adjust it accordinglyNo shared gold/doubloons: I think someone already answered that in a previous post. It will be there in the future. Again CloakingDonkey claims this is technically not an argument. Wait WHAT? Did he just gained secret inside knowledge of WG? Oooh wait, he actually did not talk with ANY of the WG employees....... Please keep in mind that the priority of WG is to focus on the development of the game which satisfies most of their customers. A part of that customer used to play World of Tanks. Not all and not many have a big amount of gold on their WoT account (we do, but well, this is Wotlabs ), so again, no big priority at the moment if you would think logicallyNow as you can see, there are issues, but the issues are there for just a small fraction of the players. If you add some dramatic music, some lagging gameplay and let your viewers believe that it affects everyone that plays the game, well, you have a good youtube movie, but thats about it.
  8. After reading your arguments I had written about 50 sentences about whats wrong with it and why it totally does not apply to this situation. I deleted it all and I think I can summarize it in 1 sentence: "You make an insane amount of assumptions and are basing 0 on actual numbers/facts" (almost like Cloaking Donkey ). Actually, if you look really closely to your argument, you can almost find 1 assumption in every sentence. Maybe you do have sources or numbers. Then your story, could actually be an argument, which I would be really interested in. However, I think you could be surprised with the found information yourself. tl;dr: don't confuse opinions with facts
  9. I am totally not suprised by his departure from WoWs. Furthermore his main argument is: "I want to earn money from Youtube, Wargaming is not facilitating this, so I leave". If your freaking motivation for making videos related to games isn't helping the community with good content then what the hell do you expect from that community/developer? Most of his content related to WoWs was subjective and when it would come to the "facts" he is most of the time plainly wrong.... Every argument he has on the monetization of WoWs by WG can be dealt with in 1 sentence: "you do not have to buy their product all, you can play it for free" (and yes I tested this is CBT: I ran an account for 4 weeks without premium account/ships and actually worked my way up to tier9)
  10. Please read all of it, because I don't want any dissapointment created tonight during the stream. Tonight I will be doing a huge give-away (for my standards) to my viewers/followers/subs. Only those who have watched me before and collected "beans" will be able to join in. From what I can see now, there will be 5 prizes: top3 will be ships, 4th and 5th will be doubloons. I will start streaming at either 16:00 or 17:00 and each hour I will go a giveaway starting with the 5th prize all up to the towards the 1st prize. I choose to do it this way, because I want to have both my EU and NA viewers to have equal chances (although for NA, it will be during their work). More of this will be there in the future, as 100% of my donations either goes into give-aways, the computer parts that are breaking down or a nice cup of coffee. Hope to see you guys tonight (72%, marynsar, onboard and so many others)
  11. I hope I can win the "Deadliest Catch" contest with The runner up is 20 torpedo hits in 1 game.
  12. Same as in all things in life: if you don't want to learn, you will just get screwed over in the end. I wish all the users of this mod good luck, because in the long run I (and many others that actually put the effort in it) will probably stomp you. Not by stats, but luckily statswhoring is not that kind of a big deal in WoWs. Also I don't really see the point in statwhoring in WoT, but thats a whole other discussion. PS: All the posters saying it does not "break" the game. You got to be joking right? The objective of a single game is to win it. With this mod you have an advantage (in that game) over any other player that does not use this mod. Would I call it cheating, not sure, would I call it gaining an unfair advantage over your opponents, of course. But I cannot wait until the salt starts pooring down when another ESL silver league gets banned because the "sportsman" in that league used mods
  13. Hey guys, I do have a Youtube channel, but most of the time I can be found on Twitch. My focus is high level play and my goal is to help every captain to get better @ the game (hopefully earn them the gud@game tag). Twitch schedule: Sunday: TwitterMonday 18:00 - 0:00Tuesday: TwitterWednesday: 18:00 - 0:00Thursday: 16:00 - 22:00Friday: 18:00 - 0:00Saturday: Twitter I don't have a Youtube schedule, I will upload something when I find something interesting or get a 3k+ xp game (although that is happening to often ). If you have any questions about the game, ask them here or at my stream. Please behave like a gentleman there as my community is one in which fun is number 1 and mutual respect is key!
  14. Good to read this. Keep up the good work on wotlabs!
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