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  1. Geez. I'll be serious now, too... My 'skill' comment wasn't intended as a boast (obviously, it seems to me) - I was just trying to keep a humorous thread from devolving into how my tank should or should not have been driven. Again, this was supposed to be a fun(ny) post. As I said in my intro post a week or so ago, I recognize I still have a lot to learn. That's why I'm here. Why are you here? To beat down new posters whom you don't know? You must already have all the friends you need, hunh?
  2. I tried your recommendation last night Worst, and it worked a treat. Just wanted to say thanks for the info!
  3. Now we're arguing semantics and skills. This is supposed to be funny guys - Shenanigans topic and all. FTR, I have a 60% win rate, and 2100 Wn8 in that tank, so I don't need the lectures - plz!
  4. Y'all are still missing it. I should put up a prize. Hint: the Centurion got me killed. Edit: Zamza wins! lol
  5. The T-34 couldn't see me at first... Look at the trees.
  6. It's my first experience. I'm in an ELC. The pictures tell the story...
  7. In that situation, would any part of the target be exposed in sniper view? That's the scenario I'm thinking of...where the target occupies the upper, say, 2/3 of your sniper view reticle, and the ground the lower 1/3. I'll have to give your example a try tho - sounds interesting. I suppose it would favor slower, higher-arced shells?
  8. I have gotten the impression that the percentage of my shots that hit the dirt is higher than what the percentage of ground showing in the reticle would suggest and I've been wondering if this has been due to a rendering issue similar to what you described.
  9. Yer a "regular" and you never figured this out? Voice was also ambiguous? But yeah, yer food might get tainted going forward.
  10. Sadly, no. I would routinely Alt-tab to my spreadsheet during the battle countdown and input most of the info: xvm, map, tank, top tier, and battle type. After the fight, I'd enter the result. I also tried to capture crits to identify tank weaknesses, but I couldn't remember those half the time. I've stopped collecting data at this point as it was tedious and I learned what I mainly wanted know. The process might be automated by enabling and analyzing XVMs optional stat log. I never looked into it, tho.
  11. It's a matter of degree. CS or WoT are whores, but at least they're warm, moist, and know where to stroke you. You don't mind paying them their due. WoWP, OTOH, is an inflatable doll that expects to be paid just as much. Good luck with that.
  12. ^this^ And you're gonna need money anyway to pay a gym to help you put muscle back on the shriveled frame that finally teeters out of the chair at the end of the month.
  13. Having a lot of personal experience flying, I found the controls maddeningly over-simplified and the flight characteristics highly unrealistic. While I understand the reasons for that, it takes all the fun out of it for me.
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