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  1. It takes me about 5 min to set up my mods (using Gamertech's mod pack). And since I can't play immediately when the update goes live, I always wait till the mod pack gets updated (as fast as 1 hr after patch) and hence don't have to suffer vanilla
  2. Would you recommend getting Situational Awareness over Eagle Eye? I just started on my 3rd skill; the optics has been working well for me and I'd like to have even more vision range
  3. Isopach

    t57 heavy help

    Thanks for the clarification. I heeded the (wrong) advice of my plat's caller coz he is a much better player according to wn7 :/ maybe I was being used as a meat shield, hah. That guy couldn't accept that a T57 HT should be behind at least 1 better armoured tank. Even a e50m would have better reliability in bouncing shots than a T57 HT does. I've watched a couple of replays (mostly BeLiAL124's) and they definitely don't lead a charge like what an e100/is-7 might do. Oh well I'm back to solo-ing again; at least now i have the peace of mind that I wasn't wrong. Thanks!
  4. Isopach

    t57 heavy help

    Would you say it is a strictly second-line tank? I have been getting abysmal average damage (2.2k) going on the frontline (attempting to lead the team). As OP as people claim the armour to be, it doesn't bounce half the t8 and most t9/t10, unless they shoot you in the upper glacis. In platoons, I usually lead in front of a E50M or 50B, which causes me to well.. die quickly half the time.
  5. For me, I'd rather have enjoyable games in a platoon than having a stressful time solo-ing. If you solo, it's quite common that half your team dies in under 4 min, or they somehow all camp behind you/in base, leaving you no way to farm damage. So it's less about stats and more about being able to play more games. I've recently started platooning and while it's true that my Kills per game and Average damage went down a bit, my WR definitely went up enough to cover it.
  6. I use this, it's completely free too http://japaneseclass.jp/ Tried wanikani for a while, but I don't find the price justified for SRS x.x android apps are better/free Android apps such as "Anki Aniki" and "Obenkyo" I learn through songs, checking with jisho for any words I don't know, then I translate them and compare with other translations Learning through songs allows me to learn on the go, ie while travelling or queuing etc I also learn through VNs. Using ITH hook, I grab the text out and just check with jisho for every word I dunno. For weird terms that chuu2 chara use, I go chiebukuro to search for it lol. Then I paste these words on a doc and review it on the go ^^ Basically the 'how to read and write hira/kata' kickstarted my Japanese language learning and I was able to self-learn after. Hmm I don't read raw light novels if I can help it (coz there is no way I can grab the text, short of looking for kanji by strokes/radicals), so I dunno any... I guess you can look for anything slice-of-life, should be easy enough to read. Just don't try LNs like Index -- too many technical terms.
  7. I'm self-taught too, only went to school for the basics (like how to read lol). You use any apps/online sites to learn? Or just pick up bits and pieces from anime? F/SN pales in comparison to F/Z. You might find the quality lower, but the plot is still there and thus nice to watch
  8. Thanks for the review! I almost gave up on this thread as it wasn't receiving any replies >.< 1) Hmm what should I put instead of camo net though? Current I have Vents/Rammer/Camo. Also, didn't the 8.6 update buffed camo nets to automatically camo you 25 - 50m? I left it on because of that. I tried putting myself just behind the breakable fence around D0 aiming down the 0 lane before, but it didn't work out well when the enemy from there simply shoots at me... or should I be positioning there, waiting for the engagement to begin, before moving out of hard cover (house)? 2) By train tracks, do you mean peekaboo around H8? Given that I have poor camo, will I get spotted at that range? 3) Do you think a Jgpanther2 should go up the hill, in any situations? Or does staying down near the church grant more opportunities?
  9. Yea I have been to comiket twice and many other shops that stock doujin in Namba and Akiba... I'd go as far to say that 95% or more is porn. They aren't even worth flipping through anymore; just a waste of time. I remember Fate/Zero was a horror to understand RAW. The old language used by Gilgamesh etc was soooo hard to understand and it's not taught/tested anywhere before (for me).
  10. I find $15 to be pretty reasonable to pay for a translated + imported game, but sadly most people would not agree to stuff they would have gotten free otherwise (see point 2 below). Also, though I say I find it reasonable, I have never bought a translated VN or anime; only the raw ones. But it puzzles me as to why would people target Hirameki just because they don't translate eroge... at that point of the controversy, surely there were already fan translated eroge around? Besides, there's always the staff issue that limits how much/fast a company can translate. It sounds completely insane, yes. Anyway I managed to find some info on Hirameki after trawling through several pages of Google. Okay, so they basically took those H-scenes out from the original VNs with them. I don't find any problems with their decision, but this is kinda different from "Not wanting to translate H-scenes". This is more towards "Removing H-scenes from games". While H-scenes generally don't require any graded level of Japanese to understand, I believe that those who were un-supportive basically just didn't buy and perhaps spread untrue propaganda. Even if it's because of legal issues, I feel that their closure is not fully due to internet rumours -- if there were people genuinely interested in buying in the first place, they would have done it already. My guess is, using 5k units as a benchmark, about 2k were put off, and maybe these 2k managed to influence another 500 not to support. So in total, only 2.5k units could potentially be sold. However, looking at their releases, only Ever 17 (only played this, and it doesn't have any H-scenes in the first place) and Phantom of Inferno are of that 5k units sold standard of quality, which is why they closed down -- the other VNs they translated had weak plots anyway; it doesn't matter whether there are H-scenes or not. For a VN to sell, you must either have an excellent artist/animator, and/or a very good plot. No offense, but I think Hirameki simply didn't know the market and went to translate VNs with shallow plot. EDIT -> Just read the link Silty shared. apparently they toned down violent scenes too, in addition to forcing the games to be played on a DVD player instead of on the PC. Maybe this can shed more light on why they closed -- tedious, bad plots, possibly butchered products (if a company can remove H-scenes and violent scenes, who knows what else did they remove?), wrong translations etc Regarding sales figures... It's true that Visual Novels (and translated anime, save for worldwide phenomena such as Pokemon) tend to get bad sales; which is why many companies don't focus on plot in order to break even (there's about 10-50 VN released monthly), and 'crap' is an understatement for these. I'd say 2 main, superficial factors contribute to the sales: 1) For well-established names like Key (I'm sure many have heard of it due to their outstanding anime works), their sales are 20k and up, but for more 'unknown' ones, 10k is off the charts already. Expect even lesser if you don't have advertisement and/or a good demo. For reference, this is a list of all the 100+ VNs produced in 2011 sales figure: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/efemeral/20110821 (for sanity's sake, please do not click on any links on the sidebar) You see that a VAST majority don't even hit 5k, and I can tell you that PARADISE LOST ranked at 111th deserves at least top 30 (it's an Action ADV "In these games the text is presented in a special window, usually at the bottom of the screen. Also known as Adventure or AVG. In some (rare) cases a game will switch between both styles.") so the sales ranking is not indicative of how good it is. And we're talking about the whole of Japan, which despite comparatively being smaller than the entire world on any scale, they definitely have more consumers (raw numbers, not %) than the rest of the world. If we were to assume that Japan has (I have no basis for this) 4 times more consumers than the rest of the world, I'd say 5k sales is pretty big already. 2) Onto another related issue -- there are many sites/forums that disagree with JAST. Heck, there are even some who hate them. It's the same as anime fansubbers -- what would it be like if CrunchyRoll (and other official subbers) put their weight and totally ban all fan subbings (they already do to some extent)? The immediate reaction would be of course, injustice. Perhaps this post/comments will grant some insight http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org/2012/01/attention-fan-translators-do-not-sell-your-translation-to-jast-usa-we-have-a-much-greater-cause-in-sight-visual-novels-for-the-whole-world-visit-fuwanovel-com/ As for your 2nd point, the censorship in japan is pretty lax in comparison. As long as it is stated somewhere that the characters depicted are over 18 (no matter how unlikely it is), there is no law that can touch them. Anyway, that guy is dumb lol. If I were to ever be caught for something embarrassing I definitely won't go announcing it to the world -.- I don't and won't do translation work either coz it's unnecessarily tedious with no returns (besides having fans maybe). Just because a number of people have weird interests in loli or paedophilia (Japan and overseas), I don't think it's fair to generalise people who read Visual Novels as that. Also, like what Silty mentioned, the top rated (in terms of quality and/or sales) Visual Novels generally have no H-scenes, or have an option/alternate version to avoid them. There's also nothing stopping one from holding the CTRL key until the H-scene is over, which is what I do since there is usually no plot-relevant content in those. TL;DR: Just don't read it if you don't want to read. I just noticed it's long too
  11. Went to read up about Hirameki on google, though I couldn't find much. Anyway, in Japan, it's not only Visual Novel fans who are crazy enough to think/plan/attempt to kill a company. Pop idol group managers, anime writers, or even arcade game makers have likewise been threatened online/via hate mail. Just read 2ch; it's everywhere and everyday. The more serious/drawn out cases either get reported to the police or end up on tabloid sites then get the police's attention. I dunno about outside of Japan, but censorship has been there for so long that I never (maybe I read too little) seen any discussion about it. Anyway, back to topic. I still think this cool-looking chara from kamisama has gotten too little screentime D:
  12. Actually, it is the blanket term. I probably will never understand your hate for these 'jerks' who make up a significant portion of the consumer base, but I will stick to using 'eroge' as the general term. Reason being, there is no other less-ecchi sounding terms in Japanese. This post about the word 'eroge' sums it up pretty nicely: http://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/eroge/
  13. Actually, 'eroge' is a blanket term for all VNs Sorry, I didn't know people draw such a clear divide between anime and VN I bet if I hide the text box (yes there's a button to hide it) and the menu bar, no one would be any the wiser... Just thought that the scene I just read was sweet :/ "ま、マジよ。だから、佑斗は私だけを見ていなさい。" simply translates to "Yes, seriously. So Yuuto, please look only at me". Totally clean, nothing suggestive at all. Anyway, I won't be sharing any more images from VNs in the future.
  14. Actually, you might just be one of those few players who have a higher rating than number of battles
  15. Anyone play Dracu-Riot! ? it'll be getting a full english patch by 9th Sept
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