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  1. Sometimes, I think talented people dedicate themselves to wrong things in their life... Just some thinking out loud about the game.
  2. I've done even worse kinds of trolling, talking about their moms, humiliating, but never been banned. Got only a week chat ban once. But I never revealed teammates positions, and what they are about to do to the enemy.
  3. Hi there, My very first thread, so little introduction. Glad to see that there is a community of players alike, who "play for fun" through carrying/spotting/defending/supporting, not just by getting spotted and destroyed by "invisible tanks", or camping at A0 in Erlenberg Assault mode, while the other teammates are trying to shoot horde of tightly grouped flanking enemy tanks. So, I have T-62A, one of my favorite tanks. My play style is somewhat aggressive, taking key positions, hull down, turret only fights, shooting most of the time usually trying to deal a lot of damage. Obvious
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