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  1. Yep, was a childhood favorite of mine. Don't think I have it anymore sadly.
  2. It's almost like the Vietnam War. We played the role of the North, OTTER was the U.S. They kicked our asses non-stop in every major battle, but we kept defiantly fighting.
  3. Being a recruiter while we got our ass kicked up and down the map by OTTER wasn't exactly an opportune time. And that's rude, Nolan. Why so mean?
  4. So I started to play again and within 5 days my laptop kicked the bucket. Coincidence? At least I don't have to play this game for a couple more weeks :^)
  5. I haven't played tanks out of my own free will since August, it's nice. Thank god that one time I almost had to the clan didn't show up.
  6. Yes, I have reached WoT Nirvana and realized the game is not worth dealing with anymore. Also, the outside is a much nicer place than dealing with autistic children 24/7 :^)
  7. I hated pubbies asking if I read a certain someone's book every game. Also, from our great friend Huntak....I present to you Charles impersonating USA.
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