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  1. Thinking about ending my WoT break and saw the X lights got a boost. Do I want this or the Sheridan first?
  2. Forgot about that, but do we expect it to change much? How many people below the threshold are going to bother trying at this point? Maybe 27 points for league 1, then. still sure as shit too many for me.
  3. I stand corrected (just got home), they appear to have already done the cutoff to 12 points on US Current cutoff for League I (137 people) is 22 points with a high efficiency (66.67%) and 18 points with a slightly lower efficiency (63.32%) for League II (193 people). As such, I'm guessing one needs 29 points with a very high efficiency or 30 points to stay league I by the end of the week on the US server. Given I'm at 18, I'm probably not even going to hold league 2 given I can't play fri/sat/sun.
  4. Did they do the 12 point cutoff this morning or the 8? I thought it was the 8, in which case we've got another cutoff to go, so yeah, it'll crash again for the final results.
  5. Yeah I've done this the last two weeks. Last week wasn't on purpose, but it was so easy that I planned it for this week, and it's definitely nice if you are just trying get get enough points to stay league 1.
  6. How do you get to the survey if you didn't do it when it initially popped up? I know it said where, but I don't remember and have failed to find it.
  7. The Blackdog is an absolute beast now. alpha (for a scout), DPM, and dat HEP round. Just lovely. On a related note, I really hope they buff the CDC soon so we get to see more of 'em around. Beautiful HEP target but you don't see many these days. =/
  8. I think the problem isn't how few can get top group*, it's that it takes four fucking weeks. And I can only imagine it's much harder to find people to participate in CW and advances with ranked going. Cut it to the three weeks and I'm much happier. *that said, they should stop having cutoffs and adjust the percentiles so it stays effectively where it is. It's stupid that until a week is over everyone has to just guess where they're at.
  9. Had a great time with strv first week. Marched to rank five and got two tank ranks. This week it was a nightmare, so raged and stopped early on Tuesday. Came back tonight and got fucked again for three games so switched to Maus and had just one game where I didn't get a chev (my fault) all the way from rank two to rank five. I thought it might not go well due to all 10s and gold spam, but Maus is just too much of a beast. Other than 907 (and arty, fuck arty), what are you all finding to be most efficient for grinding chevs?
  10. yeah...after how much "fun" I had in the latter days of week one, I might give up and go play something else. I got 7 points and if I needed 10 (although I'm NA, so maybe it's 9) to stay in league 1, I know I'm not going to put in enough time (or have enough patience) to play that much ranked play for 3 more weeks. Can anyone who doesn't have a job say what the threshold ended up being for league 1 on NA? as a side note: I also noticed how much more arty there was in the later days, and 2-3 good arty players almost every game is a real bitch to play against.
  11. and this is exactly why ranked has (at least for me) become a piece of shit. Everyone has become too scared of dying early, or at some point decides the game is lost and decides to abandon everyone to chai snipe to hope for top 3. not anyone's fault, just the natural devolution of the mode.
  12. is it still that bad now that ranked mode is taking a lot of the T10s away from randoms?
  13. Overall I have really been liking it. If I were to make a suggestion, though, it would be to either A) make rank 5 require 5 chevs and add a rank 6 that needs 7 chevrons, or at least add 3-5 more chevrons needed going up to 5. And obviously way early, but any guesses as to how many points we're going to need to stay in the top group? I want to at least make sure I get the full number of bonds. Beyond that I'm not sure.
  14. yeah well I don't have that, either, just the 140 =*( I've actually been using the STRV, which has worked fairly well as my teams are now strong enough to (usually) not get immediately rolled like some pubs. I failed miserably with the TVP. combination, I think, of too many RU meds and being rusty with it.
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