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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have just watched the game at Live Oaks. You played south quite agresively even when there were 3 clickers. I would be scared of that and probably would go city in such mm. So my question is: How do you approach matches like this? Do you always just ignore arta until they start clicking you?
  2. Hey, just as the tilte says. I don't have many 'friends to platoon with' in wot, so I would like to find some to decrease the amount of solo battles I do I am freelancing, so I do not have a specific schedule... just looking for some occasional games. Also, I am on my long trail to unicum (soonTM) so if those platoon mates are willing to share knowledge/point out mistakes, it's even better note: I have already joined the Forumites channel, as suggested in another topic.
  3. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/432069-0912-crew-vehicle-autoaim-indicator-extended-v404-v204-v309-181115/ edit: sorry, wrong mod.. my bad
  4. Yea you are right. However I was thinking about it more like generic mentor. Someone who could help me eliminate my bad plays. Maybe I am just looking for some kind of "magical skill pill" which you guys seem to use Every time I see these 'damage whore sessions' posted, all I caan think of is "omg, how does he do it? I am so bad."
  5. I am afraid to go middle when I am bottom tier in slow tank. I am often getting shot at there (would also expect to meet batchat..). Also "waiting for others to die"... yea that's how it ended up, but what else would I do at that flank? When I get closer (so I can actually have some shots), i will be lighted up immediately and get shot by all the tanks in the back. I don't know about good support position at that flank when they do not peek This sounds shitty even to me, but I'll write it anyway: "I know about this and I am doing it quite often" - I mean the part where I check if
  6. Not harsh at all. Thanks for checking them out. My only question to "you can improve" is "HOW?". I am trying to go with team most of the times.. also learning to check the team composition every time. But besides that... something is still missing. For that g2.. I wanted to stay back, because I knew I won't be able to damage them (esp. T62a) and they would be hitting me every time I peek that ridge. I ended up in bad position and tank was just too slow to retreat.
  7. Thanks for the stream link, will give that a try. In the meantime: Just now, I had my typical t10 game in Panther II: http://wotreplays.eu/site/2870941?secret=b5669644701be3b1c90f18308890514f What I think: At start.. I definitely didn't want to go to city to face IS-7 (or any other heavier tank). So I was like "yea, let's do this sniping support thing"... went west, tried to snipe something.. then noticed IS-7. At that point, I understood that flank is gonna be hard... so I tried to go back a bit... another attempt at sniping (no, I won't snipe bulldog at 500m range)... then I died a
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. What Folterknecht said probably helped the most I know I should try to play just like sniper support in t10, but most of the maps make this almost impossible... you can either wait for your allies to die (so enemies can get into sniping range) or get closer and die, as suddenly everyone likes to focus easy target. Result of staying back is often "0 dmg" game, because it's either your t10s steamrolling enemies or enemies steamrolling your allies and then you suddenly see 5 t10 driving at you. In t8 games.. I sometimes do well, but other times you are ju
  9. Well I am in this game (with long breaks) for ~3 years, got almost 9000 games, watched hours of replays/streams and I am still struggling. I must be dumb. Therefore I would like to try another approach. The fact, that I am still bad even after such a huge time investment, makes me even more mad
  10. I am currently getting crazy over Panther II grind. I am doing terribly bad in it and seeing all those t10 tanks makes me feel desperate from the very first minute of match. I was doing great with t6 and t7 of this line (at least in context of my own skill), so I was hoping I could make this work, but no... it's extremely painful. I am looking for an unicum player that could take a look at few replays and then maybe platoon/chat/whatever with me and actually teach me how to play. No idea what are the reates etc. but we can talk about this, offering 2500gold for start
  11. +1 +1 I would also agree with general opinion on commentary targets... the "he moves, he shoots" can be skipped.. I would much rather hear only interesting info that explains why is he doing what is he doing. This would give me (a green noob) great value. Otherwise you could just vaguely summarize it as "ok, he stayed far away and farmed a lot of damage". I already know it is the way to purple, but I fail almost every time I try to execute it Also, the commentary doesn't need to be there all the time. Just talk about important moments, so I know when to actually listen with focus. Good job!
  12. Hey, I am just an average tanker with fulltime job (= playing during evenings) looking for al clan that runs strongholds daily. I mainly want to have some fun while grinding credits with you. If you got clan with similar goals, but I do miss some requirements criteria, please let me know. Not going to talk about stats and tanks..you can check that in my profile. I just started playing after longer break, so try to check just last month for stats
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