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  1. I meet him in Prokhorovka Battle, in South Team. He just camp behind rock south of cliff as top tier Heavy tank before ramp for 10-12 min before moving himself into open field where 2 enemy bat arty bombard him for 75% of his hp as he sits there for more than minute. Reason he stay in open field is he tried sniping hull down T34
  2. it has been while since I play WoT, and upon on playing again, I humor myself and check Object 268's armour layout on http://tanks.gg/tank/obj-268/model I recall Object 268 have 2 weak spot, Rangefinder and Driver port. however it seem that on 9.19 patch, Driver port isn't longer weak spot. I wonder if anyone have noticed this or not? at 9.17 patch, you can notice that driver port is penetrable, and it go away on 9.18 patch it seem
  3. they really nerf Obj 268's AP by 17mm with no compensation?
  4. it is like watching train wrecking in slow motion. can't stop but want to watch
  5. I refused to believe it until I see actual proof beside website with countdown I am surprised that most of you forget last hoax involved with fallout 4 in very similar fashion EDITED: I check facebook and other stuff that lead that it is legitimate based on time, it will reveal at 9am Central
  6. it is against law in Canada to convert your rifle into bullpup rifle of course you may see bullpup rifle as tavor and so. they are legal for different reason.
  7. http://wotreplays.com/site/1892621#self _brewster your classic "I play only 1k battle before spent money on premium tier 8"
  8. object 268 get nerf again? what they haven't yet to nerf on Object 268?
  9. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/391591-warning-for-putting-me-on-bad-teams/ then he later try to spin it around http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/391592-fixing-the-afk-warning-system-pub-match-is-broken-from-this/
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/1207052# I ragequit at end I have no idea what I can do to save my team in this battle also, forget to supply myself with consumable, so shame on me
  11. I admit when I see this, I though someone mistype and try to said UFC porn. look same to me anyway
  12. I am not complaining but do it explain why my recent WIn8 sudden increase by 200?
  13. it would be good idea as long as it don't affect free xp, so someone have to buy free xp in order to grind faster
  14. I am surprise no one comment about no arty in Blitz I try it out and find it nice game to play while on trip.
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