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  1. Should clearly do a pompom vs no pom clubbing comparison
  2. Update 7/6/12: New replays up. Also, /wave @ Unnomable/FumaKilla/foodie LOOK LOOK IT'S WHEN SENPAI NOTICED ME HAZUKASIIIIII
  3. Dear Sela, /fangirl I got the 183 and it makes me squeal with glee every time I shoot. Especially when it's a sucker maus in his turret for 2k. Good lord the thing breaks the game. It's supplanted fatchat and t57 for my favorite Tier 10 tonk, so thanks for being so good with 183 and inspiring me to go up the line! lol Can you also include the reworked serene coast in your map guides pretty please? <3
  4. foodie

    My Last Post.

    Why would you do this servios we love you :(:( This is all because you never got on your mic sniffle :((:(:(
  5. Okay, so you have 3 choices, really. 1) Free px the damn thing. Get over whatever internal revulsion you have against freepxing past shit tanks. Nobody considers it a badge of honor for you to make your own damn self suffer along with your stats because you just had to grind through a AMX 40 or some garbage. In fact, I skip tier 4 as a matter of principle. No money or my time is worth playing that shit tier. I free pxed past 59-16 too. Not being able to pen the ass of tanks with the top gun doesn't sound like the idea of fun to me. 2) Platoon with other good people who can cover for your shit tank. Bring gold. Lots of gold. I do this on say, 3002DB. Full gold, bring some friends in T29s or IS2s or 12244s or something. Even then it's a burden for your platoon. (for example, 171 gold pen DB only goes so far in Tier 9 matches). 3) Accept your stat loss and grind like a loser. This is what I did in my A20 back when it was the very first line I played in this game ever. I literally suiscouted every fucking match. Don't do this. To be fair, T43 isn't that bad a tank. It's probably better than DB, if that makes you feel any better. Bring lots of gold, because 140ish pen just doesn't cut it sometimes.
  6. Crushed incompetent Servios with a T29 today.

  7. Is something (at all) spotting your tank? If so, sixth sense will activate. View range plays no part in it. If you're lit, it goes on.
  8. There's a good guide on how to proceed with redshire in Sela's thingy here: What I generally do is patient humping bushes and scouting, acting like a shitty sniper. Once stuff thins out, you can actually use your mobility. Humping the western finger of the hill from north and likewise the G5 position from south usually pays the best dividends; but eastern ridge works too sometimes.
  9. Haven't really been able to play that much in 086 but I've casually noticed tanks with notoriously poor impulse (Batchat, Douchebag with short 88, etc) are still just as bad at hitting stuff even at full squish. Has anyone else noticed the same/willing to test?
  10. You should add a 4th option to the poll: why the fuck did they make them completely separate servers for all intents and purposes instead of balancing load gracefully?
  11. What the fuck is that avatar.......

    1. BanzaiBonsai


      Yes I know it's an Ivysaur using Vine Whip.. still.... WTF...

    2. MeltedTracks
  12. I swear to god you're the best <3

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