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  1. So I decided to start playing the game again and I'm generally wondering has anything significantly changed since November of last year? Any new maps, significant nerfs/buffs to tanks, and is there something like Sela's old where to go screenshots showing where to go on each map?
  2. I would assume Stats aren't going to be that important seeing how hard it is to carry in Boats compared to tanks.
  3. Wait we preformed poorly in the Civil War? What did you expect us never to lose? Also Bulba was a clearly superior opponent. We got our ass handed to us so good job on that. I won't go into why everything happened why it did but whatever. Also had an unnamed retarded T57 Heavy not poked up on Swamp and tried to outspot mediums we would have won. RIP in Pepperonis
  4. Cod

    Show up 2nite m8

  5. People not considering the Lorraine Tier 7. The speed of it means it can keep up with your bulldogs. Have Bulldogs engage first and all of a sudden the Lorraine comes in and 1 shots a tank instead of kinda hurting it. Looking at you FV.
  6. All these NA players asking for platoon invites from someone on the EU server...
  7. If we are doing updates to the boards PBKAC is now 2400 Overall and 2900 Recent with some kind of winrate requirement too.
  8. Also our recruiters are gonna be a lot less lenient than what I just said. If it was up to them we'd have nothing but 4k recent goons joining the clan.
  9. Considering 2/3 of the games I played were done by April I'd say that it was a good year.
  10. Well considering you only have 3 tier Xs, 2 of which I've only seen Astropunk allowed to play in CW, I'd suggest you wait a while before applying. The Overall requirements aren't cement but your not gonna get in with your current situation.
  11. So we got new requirements. something like 2400 and 2900 recent. Also bump i guess.
  12. Cod

    Xbox One Games

    I highly suggest Fifa. Stupidly addictive. If you have no knowledge of Soccer I'd suggest Battlefield 4, Destiny, Shadows of Mordor, and Unity.
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