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  1. So how is the Hellcat, Kv1s, FV304. Wont be able to get on untill late tonight

    1. TheEmptyLord


      wait FV304 was hit by the bat?

  2. wotblitz, add me for some toons

  3. Why so many anime losers on this site... Lets ban them all :)

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    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      what if they're still images and not animated?

    3. Rexxie


      Doesnt matter; had censor.

    4. Medjed
  4. That was a tough weekend. Although I surprisingly kept my cool

    1. deathmachine16


      I did get extremely frustrated yesterday but still finished with everything but wr up

    2. deashole613


      yeah not me, but im trying to grind a stock conquerer, which doesnt help lol...Lucky to get 1k dmg

  5. Victory! Battle: Swamp Vehicle: T26E4 SuperPershing Experience received: 2,427 Credits received: 224,180 Battle achievements: Top Gun, Steel Wall, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Netto: 108 153 WN8: 9 833 (100)

    1. deashole613


      i wish i could carry like that every battle

  6. My 4 year old informed me today that he plays my game and keeps crashing...I think im going to log out when I am afk for now on lol

    1. MudDuck375


      I can relate :)

  7. Where should i post if im looking to find other clans that would like to train against

    1. ArrogantWorms


      Try the clan rivalry section

    2. deashole613
  8. Mission completed! Reward: Compensation for Dicker Max gold 3,200 Slots added: 1

  9. Refuse to use my IS7 untill this event ends...

  10. TD payback, time to get out the arty !

  11. Can someone explain frag to me please. Its in the wn table and not sure what it is

    1. Intumesce


      Tanks destroyed per battle

    2. FlamingTier


      "frag" is an older gaming term for kills.

    3. deashole613
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