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  1. Check out Aurum, I recently joined them, and enjoying it. Check them out!!!
  2. Check out Aurum. I will pm you in game, when I see you online
  3. this mod is dumb, everytime i press w the map pops up this should be in the anime section
  4. So how is the Hellcat, Kv1s, FV304. Wont be able to get on untill late tonight

    1. TheEmptyLord


      wait FV304 was hit by the bat?

  5. someone needs to press the - button, that map takes up 1/2 the game!
  6. Hey all, looking to join a CW/Platoon clan. I consider myself to be an active player. If im not at work or hanging out with the family, im playing tanks. I work shift work so I can only attend about 21 days a month to clan wars. I am looking to improve my stats, but not at the expense of being a team player. I have an IS7 and working on gettting a few more T10's soon. Anyways i just thought i would see what my options are first before comitting to a clan.
  7. wotblitz, add me for some toons

  8. I'm playing wotblitz once in a while, looking for others that may want to toon up on there. Let me know if you want me to add you as a friend
  9. Why so many anime losers on this site... Lets ban them all :)

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    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      what if they're still images and not animated?

    3. Rexxie


      Doesnt matter; had censor.

    4. Medjed
  10. Hey metal, first of all welcome back to the game. Secondly, if you are interested in joining our clan let me know. We are all new, since our clan is only a month old, but alot of active members which makes it easy to find platoonies. Even if you don't join us, your always welcome to come to our teamspeak and i can set you up with permissions so you can come and go as you please. GL on your clan hunting!
  11. You are welcome to jump on our clan teamspeak and see if anyone wants to platoon ken.
  12. Hey Mogymog, I noticed you still havent found a home yet. If you would like to come check us out, we would be gald to have you.
  13. I will accept you. We are full of members trying to learn, and realize we are not good at tanks....Yet Well no matter who you choose, gl in getting better at tonks.
  14. Yeah i have tried TC's too but didnt have any luck. Too many stacked teams there. Im just going to stick to the basic tream trainings and get them familiar with the basics first. If i cant find other teams to battle with in team training, then we can just fight eachother for practice. Thanks for the info guys
  15. I know of some other clans that may be interested in a merge as well. Maybe we can get a bunch of them together to form one. I will contact you when i get home from work. I should be on around 8 est, to talk to you if your going to be on.
  16. You can send me an invite as well, if you like. I would shift work so im on at weird hours
  17. I tried to put chips down twice. First time faced cha1, second time faced Jimbo. Im a month old and cannot compete against teams of 10 amx and 5 is3 lol. My clan still needs alot of work, before going into cw. Bringing in a team of 15 and getting 1 kill is just embarrasing lol
  18. That was a tough weekend. Although I surprisingly kept my cool

    1. deathmachine16


      I did get extremely frustrated yesterday but still finished with everything but wr up

    2. deashole613


      yeah not me, but im trying to grind a stock conquerer, which doesnt help lol...Lucky to get 1k dmg

  19. Can i be part of the testing, or have the testers already been selected? So uploading the dossier file isnt needed anymore, that would be awesome because i have helped too many members with that lately. Would be nice if it did that automatically Great work Chan
  20. Check out ISERB if you like. We are a new clan with active members on. We are always down for other platoon mates. Just as an added bonus I also give gold for monthly contest, just to keep activity up, since we are not competing in CW yet.
  21. how often do the player stats in the clan statistics section update. I have members there that haven't been part of the clan for weeks. Also is there a way you can add-on a section for members last battle? Thought i would ask, thanks
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