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  1. I'm done with tanks for the foreseeable future. WGNA's toxic environment is more than I can stomach.

  2. On hiatus. Sorry I couldn't do the mod thing, but I've reached my fill of tanks forums.

  3. I just started as a mod... how do they already know that I'm CRaP?

  4. Looks like I'm a mod now... time for on the job training.

  5. Hippie was SNeaKY's mouthpiece voluntarily. In my mind he now carries the BuGGeR taint.
  6. Oh look, a new forum in which to badpost...

  7. Bad Arrested Development joke is bad... especially given how lame the latest episodes are. MLYP[iSBAD].
  8. Pubbies hate winning and they get angry when you try and trick them into winning by telling them things that might actually be useful to do.
  9. I should, you know. Because Making Friends is Special...
  10. Let me be the first to leave words in this little box.

    1. Mr_Peabody


      Thank you for doing so.

  11. I have no idea why a forum dedicated to clan rivalries has trash talking, someone should look into this at once.
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