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  1. XD yeah copy and paste does that right? Or whomever went in with mod powers without checking in the edit-by line. Because I didn't change a damn thing when I lifted this from WoT ASIA.
  2. Hello fellow pixel-tank commanders and what have you. Name's Lorenzo_Ruiz, and long story short. I went to an open field full of tanks. Yes, I am fat, let's move on... The Americans in Wartime Museum is, and I quote, a "not-for-profit cultural and educational institution dedicated to e-honoUring those who served in all branches of the United States military and on the home front from World War I to the present, and to educating the public, especially young Americans, about the personal experience, realities of war, and sacrifices made by Americans striving to preserve our freedoms." They also have a nifty collection of tanks and have calling cards to many reenactors ranging from Cold War Soviet rifle troop centered around a BMP, a group of Commonwealth reenactors, and of course the usual American and Germans. As part of their efforts to raise enough money to continue building a permanent site for exhibits and what have you, they open their 'tank farm' up to the general public and having attended last year, I decided to go this year as well. Just to cut down on pictures, I'll just post a link to individual albums of tanks and whatnot. Didn't take much pictures, spent more time ogling at the hardware and whatnot. Some of the staff has heard of World of Tanks, and smaller still have heard of Girls und Panzer. Doesn't surprise me at all, a lot of the people who visited are veterans and their families, so I'm more or less in the minority in terms of WoT player. Anyways, pictures links. M36 Jackson Link to Album In better condition than it was last year. Someone needs to really proofread some of these signs, but considering the signs are probably as old as I am... Commonwealth Reenactors with Armored Vehicles Link to Album As it says on the tin. WWII Vehicles Link to Album A few vehicles I took earlier in the trip. Included in the bunch of Americans is a T-34-85 and a JgPzr 38(t) Hetzer. And yes I got lazy uploading these, lemme alone. And uh...the Centurion, again. Link to Album At this point I'm lazy...here's the rest of the pictures. Link to Album Also had a chance to take some videos. Here are two of them, still fixing up the Hetzer video. My phone kinda died, something about being on for about 7 hours and taking video at 12% battery life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eOXEJvjjss Placeholder for Hetzer, Valentine, and Reenactment videos.
  3. When you are top tier, this happens. http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/2001023115.166525005952865232
  4. I can testify to that, although it depends on a person's perspective. If one party is being snarky or veiled with their words, then I can understand. ...still dun understand that whole deal in SSDA thread with bladearts but eh past that.
  5. I was informed back in NA that anything past the Cromwell is bad. Then again i have a bad view of the Girls und Panzer clans in NA. AFAIK my 52% winrate is attributed to my beloved Centurion 7/1 and knowing her as intimately as a lover would, unlike the "rush to tier X" that is my former CO,
  6. Angle and utilize terrain as best as I can, like most Britannnian tanks. The gun is subpar with unreliable premium but is quick and accurate (to a degree). Utilize the speed and play it a bit like a medium. It moves nearly as fast as a medium of same tiers and frankly, with only 12 or so games in, I'm still 'testing' it.
  7. For the Centurion and FV4202? Same gun, same ammo. I'm gonna try to see if 8.6 replays works, because I played a game in which all I did was firing nothing but HESH after a certain point because of the stockpile.
  8. My personal load is 52/20/0. And this is because I've had a surplus of HESH bought during the last ammo sale to allow me to start finding the spots to utilize the HESH round. But other than that, the 105mm HESH is a tricky, situaitonal being. It straddles the line between HEAT and HE, in that it's HE with better penetration but does jack all against ANY spaced armor. Your best bet is shooting at the sides of tanks. They're effective to deal with for FOCHs that decide to present you their sides, the T29s or T34s that decide to face the other way, and so on and so on. They're effective in 1-2 punch. HESH first, and the more reliable APCR next in case they wisen up to the fact they're presenting you with a wide open canvas for HESHing. Edit: Also, never forget the Infallible rule when it comes to us Centurion drivers. "Aim small, miss small. Only hits count." HESH won't do you any good when you can't aim for that sliver of flat, unangled side between the rock and his dead buddy. Or if you even decide it's worth the risk. The Centurion family are marksmen, remember that. Others can play em in other roles but I've developed my play-style to abuse terrain as much as I can, to deliver a critical HP-reducing attack when a line is stagnating, and to decide when, where, and how to push, retreat, or other things like it. You have a valuable gun, use it effectively for maximum efficiency.
  9. Yeah I noticed. XD It's a good thing I don't have comms. Because uh... This gets reenacted: Boondock Saints
  10. Actually oddly? My W/R increased when solopubbing on SEA >_>;; But the platoons helped a lot. A lot less...uh...raging when you at least know you can trust the guy in your plat. Most of the time. Also W/R increased while playing the "Worse Tank in the GameTM"
  11. Meh, said bug came in a rather bad time methinks. Frankly the only reason I play now is because I love the Centurion 7/1, stats be damned. I am a baddie and no matter what [NAME REDACTED] people says I am always and truly a baddie.
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