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  1. Yo, how are things going?

    1. Private_Miros


      Look who we have here! Long time no see! I'm good; barely playing WoT, interesting job, etc..


    2. Lt_Gruber


      After being away for 3? years, I almost want to try the game again but it was such a big time drain i am afraid of it. As far as life goes, its so-so but i am a born pessimist. How is World of Battleships doing in terms of popularity?

  2. Clan MUMMY had best name ,logo and icon on EU ever. Yours is also fucking awesome and reminded me of that, best of luck. Sry for useless comment (
  3. Rant mode on. I dont play this game for 4 months and this is main reason why. Second one is ping from 50ish to 150ish. Wargaming is working hard to make gameplay simpler. Maps are reworked in a way that all tanks are forced in 2-3 corridors. Spots that allowed vision and map control are ruined. What this means is skillset required to play game changed. Intelligence (take it as you want, i will use this word for positioning, chosing right time to make moves, understanding flow of game etc...) played greater role before and with every update its importance is lessened. Instead of making
  4. My lengthy view of last 4 teams, awards and tournament in general... Brazil: It was clear before WC that individiually this team wasnt even close to Brazil standards but good performances in South American competitions, solid defense(on paper at least ),Neymar and home ground advantage were enough to put them in top contenders. Against Germany it was total collapse, i expected 2-0 or similar scores because without Silva and Neymar Brazil had little chances. For some reason ,against Holland they were favourites according to bookmakers, i dont know how they expected a comeback after 1-7
  5. Not a penalty (foul was outside the box), but was red card. I think this version is better for Brazil. Edit: 2-0 ... without Neymar this Brazil wouldnt make it through group
  6. Referee from Brazil-Croatia also. Makes sense.
  7. @ Folterknecht: I dont get Oliver Kahn worshipp. I would take Neuer every day over him. Kahn couldnt catch a ball if life depenedent on it and was less consistent. He was top 3-5 goalies of his time but never n1 for me. Deflecting every cross/shot and amount of ridicolous goals he used to concede is enough to not be best ever in my book. Crazy and eccentric for goalkeeper isnt something i want to see (Fabien Barthez comes to mind, miracle France won anything with him).
  8. Statistics first. All teams that went through were first in group stage. Belgium-Argentina Belgium favourites. Argentina won every game by luck so far. Counting on Messi moment of brilliance against stronk defence is long stretch and considering worse teams made several clear cut chances per game they didnt convert, i expect Belgium to go through. Btw, Messi best player of World Cup after James Rodriguez but even he cant do miracles with 10 retards in team (ok 8, Dive Maria, Zabaleta are good). If Belgium had good fullbacks to add width to their game.... Columbia-Brazil Brazil
  9. Dont worry, Belgium will tackle with foul for counter attack goal and win. Third time on WC. Belgium deserves to win on cereal side.
  10. And Murica plays exactly like they shouldnt. GG Belgium. Lets play possesion football against best counter attacking team as underdogs. Fuck logic. edit: if you want to win you have to score more goals than opponent. Someone should tell Belgium that .
  11. Miros if i figured out anything about Belgium its that your every game is 50-50. You struggle against weaker teams and find it hard to attack and dominate game, while against teams that are stronk you can rely on OP defence and goalie+super effective counter attacks. Btw, i dont like you, your players are boring and without passion, watching your games feel like they would rather be somewhere else than play for national team (unlike some who bite literally lol). My opinion aside, good luck.
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