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  1. Made me laugh...the content of the email is even more hilarious.


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    2. DirtyACE7


      Getting not deleted is not that much better with the new version of arty. You can still be shot for half of your health and also stunned which makes your tank just about a complete sitting duck. The biggest issue of it all is that arty can still do all this from safety without much fear of retaliation. This is the point that WG either doesn’t get or doesn’t care about.

    3. Medjed


      What's even funnier is that komrade kitov was the cunt that used to 1shot people with arta, he was not a victim :trump:

    4. ViktorKitov


      Yea, made me nostalgic.

  2. Got your invite in uPlay just yesterday since I haven't opened it in a while. Just posting this so you know Im still alive :D

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    2. Nope


      Since you did your one-man disappearance show on FB, I kind of had to test to see if there was life on the other end of the line. Found a way to find Steam friends on Uplay. Thank you, technology.

      So. What games you got?

    3. ViktorKitov


      Yeah, in hind sight I "lost" a few contacts, but the info is still there if I really need it.

      I haven't been playing anything lately.

      Tried The Crew and that's why I was online on uPlay more often then Steam/Origin. And by the way I don't plan on getting The Division, saw some gameplay and it really isn't my thing :/

      Other than that my profiles should be public so you can check which ones we both have.

    4. Nope


      I have 500 hours clocked on The Division, so it's safe to say I've pretty much burned out on that game a bit. 

      We could always hope for a new Portal-thingy on Steam. Open for suggestions anyway if you wanna play some day. But I am rarely on steam or uplay unless playing those games, so dunno how you gonna get a hold of me :P

  3. Hitting a light tank on the move is worth missing 10 stationary heavies!

    1. Greatspank


      nice klik gg 2 ez 2 pz:happyfish:

  4. The artillery is back!

    1. Medjed


      go fk urself komrade

    2. ViktorKitov


      Too busy clicking tovarish.

  5. Happy New Year you weirdos, see you again in 2017.

    1. Medjed


      komrade Kitov, suck a kitov :serb:

  6. Anybody here that plans on getting Rainbow 6: Siege?

  7. Heh, just read and article and realised you live in a very interesting city.

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    2. Nope


      Oh yeah, quite frequently they are seen and heard going in over the fjords. Saw two of them while driving to the airport this monday.

    3. ViktorKitov


      Cool stuff. Have a nice weekend.

    4. Nope


      Yeah, I didn't realise it was a thing with the jets, I've gotten really used to them over the years.

      Have a nice weekend!

  8. WoWS email from 13 December, welp this is awkward.

    1. Thannos


      im still in the "we are processing your application" hell

    2. Victrix


      TFW I've had Alpha, and never bothered to re install after Closed Beta came.

    3. Shackram


      I didn't get email but got accepted in CBT

  9. Anybody got a code for WoT Generals?

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    2. PityFool


      will trade for a wows or AW code

    3. ViktorKitov


      lol wut, it seems Im a WoWS tester.

    4. Constie
    1. Masterpupil2


      Really cool how the Cunninghams and BAE are shown in the last picture.

  10. Not every muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a muslim.

  11. Got some rakia, diluted it so I dont kill myself, holy shit, even after that vodka has nothing on it.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Never heard of the stuff. Know if I could find some less paint-stripping grade Rakia in North Murica?

    3. no_name_cro


      Kenadian - good quality? nowhere.

    4. ViktorKitov


      Doubt it, its mostly regional to Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans. Even if you do, as we said the home made stuff is usually much better then anything on the market.


  12. If any of you losers are still playing Payday 2, I may spam you invites every now and then.

    1. PityFool


      gib gaem, ill play with you

    2. ViktorKitov


      fook off m8, Im poor as dicks

  13. Come and watch me die a little trying to play the the WZ-120: http://www.twitch.tv/viktorkitov

  14. Come watch Miros be bad http://www.twitch.tv/viktorkitov

    1. RutgerS


      I adore your music taste <3

    2. Shackram


      There's enough of that in his status updates.

  15. Hmm, the WZ-120 has surprisingly high module damage.

    1. punishersal


      but dat boomstick...

    2. rojo180


      I think that is just an asian thing. HUE

  16. Happy new year fgts!

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    2. TheEmptyLord


      Happy new year tocarisch!

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      2014 here still, pidoras <3

    4. ViktorKitov


      Communist watches are the fastest blyats.

  17. The light T-54 is so bad :D

  18. Hey sexii, how long does it take to join your clan?

    1. Xen


      a week? maybe two? depends on numerous things

    2. ViktorKitov
  19. Oy, heard Belgium is going on strike again :D

    1. Private_Miros


      5th time in 3 weeks. Economy going down the drain, international companies leaving. Retards at blockades stopping people to work, proclaiming on television "we strike to show those that think they have a right to work are wrong"...

    2. ViktorKitov


      Well when the EU falls apart you are welcome here, were always 20 years behind.

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      Don't tell the retards, or they'll come your way :)

  20. Best Tier 4 for tournaments?

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    2. quan27


      su 85b works well on open maps the luchs,hetzer,b2 works well on closed maps

    3. spencer


      The b2 and the matilda are pretty bad for tournament play on any map I can think of. They're just way too big and slow without having any real protection against gold ammo.

    4. ViktorKitov


      Ill thrust spencer because of his superiour avatar.

  21. The new mini-map is pretty nice.

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