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  1. Used to run ST-I with food all the time when I still had premium account, never burned in almost 200 battles. It's one of the tanks that hardly burns ever. I've seen it happen only once since it was introduced. You should be pretty safe I'm sure.
  2. 4: Hetzer, also PzKpfw III with goldspam is very good and fun to play 5: KV-1S if you can work with low gun depression, otherwise it's very good. Also M7 MT is surprisingly fun (like a LT with normal mm). T67 remains a fun and OP tank. 6: T-34-85 and KV-2. Both some of my favourite tanks. 7: Try Tiger and T-34-1. 9: My favourites are E 50 and M46 Patton (way more fun than the 7/1 imo) from the meds, E 75 and ST-I regarding heavies.
  3. Can confirm, have both and guns are incomparable. Night and day difference to me, I too cursed a lot at the Centurion 7/1 gun. Really don't get the love for it (not to mention the crappy dpm). It's the dispersion that kills it, and now you mention it the turret turn bloom indeed is massive. E 50's have very low dispersion values across the board if I'm not mistaken, complemented by fast aiming time and high accuracy. Win combination and makes it best gun in game period if you ask me. And I played a lot of tanks, if not on live then on test server. To rule this out, I don't see much difference in handling and effectiveness when comparing E 50's AP rounds and E 50M's APCR, don't think APCR ammo is to blame here. Both are epic guns for the tier. Mind, you'll still get freak bounces from time to time, just (way) less, compared to Cent. It's just a WoT thing I guess.
  4. Tanks that are fun and comfy imo: KV-1S M4 or Fury KV-2 Another vote for T-34-85 T-34-1 E 50 M IS-7 These can all be played for good fun and don't require too much dedication to do well in.
  5. Probably my favourite tank in the game, along with the E 50 (/M) (not really surprising perhaps, since both are great allrounders in tier) It's just magnificent. Also the first tank I managed to get 3 marks.
  6. Nothing special. Makes good credits though. Used it primarily as crew trainer for my E 50 (M) and did well enough with it. I even sold it a while ago (along with the SU-100Y). I have no use for it anymore, there are more fun/effective tanks to grind credits with.
  7. I got my 3rd mark today, I'd say you have to do 1000 dmg a battle at minimum, preferably with some spotting dmg to boot. doing 800 or so will drop your rating. It wasn't easy tbh, but I didn't use APCR. I finally got it in a battle where I managed 7000+ spotting damage, which raised my ranking instantly with almost 3% or so (thank you Malinovka and TOGtober event in EU! - 4 TOG's in that battle on the enemy team).
  8. You call that sealclubbing? I got my only Kolo in the M22 Locust... That's proper sealclubbing right there (also got my only Fadin that battle) In all seriousness, good game and congrats with a nice medal. Kinda sad I never managed to get more, although I was close a couple of times. My playstyle probably doesn't generate much chances (at least, that's what I keep telling myself).
  9. Got myself an Object 140 a few days ago and credits seem to come very easy, although I even don't do that great in it so far. Although an important factor is probably I don't dare to run food consumable instead of the AFX on it like on many of my other tier 10's (turns out I was right about that since I catched fire multiple times in 30 battles - all from the front). Also the tier 10 meds in general hardly ever require gold spam.
  10. Absolutely agreed. I was kinda burning out on the game and these recent changes made everything a lot more enjoyable. Take El Halluf and Arctic Region. Both used to be some of the worst maps. Since the last patch it's so much more fun to play. Much more options especially mid and late game too. I'm not necessarily better at brawling, but it's defninately more fun. I don't agree the changes make some classes unplayable. Some tanks may suffer, but tanks that are either fast, agile, armored or a combination of this can make it work. All meds can be useful (since the changes still allow flanking, even more than before in most cases) and most TD's. And it was about time the heavy class got some love too, especially in the highest tier. Only the tanks that combine being slow, paper and lack a turret suffer.
  11. This. I just feel handicapped when playing this tank. You are pretty much doomed to play second line and that doesn't suit me at all, like you said it makes you less valuable for the team. Leave this job for the td's who do it better. The lack of usable armor annoys me the most, especially on the turret. Everything seems to penetrate your turret cheeks and an AMX 12t can pen your LFP. The mashed potato side armor means you can't sidescrape, so all in all it just can't hold a position. The weak ammorack is a real nuisance too. For some reason it's located in a spot that gets much shots too (behind the LFP weakspot, just wow). Sadly it doesn't compensate with useful features, like gun depression (just average), top speed, reverse speed (too low, bad for exposure time). And the gun is overrated too, imo. It's not great for snapshotting in my opinion and alpha is too low. To me it's one of the weakest tier 9 heavies (if not THE weakest). It's like a worse version of the old T34 (at least that one had a turret with some armor, better mobility and a strong ammorack). I think the old T34 would not even be so bad in current tier 9 meta. Remember, it had only strong opponents back then with the IS-4, E 75 and the rare (but still much better armored) VK. Now the meta has shifted a bit away from armor (while still being a nice thing to have of course, it's not as critical anymore). Good comparison there with the E 50, it absolutely has nothing on that tank (much like the IS-8 ). The E 50 is so much more versatile and can do even the heavy tank job better (especially if you are willing to shoot a bit of gold). Maybe it's just playstyles, but the versatile E 50 and 'real heavies' like the E 75 and ST-I seem much more valuable to me. Even the M103 is a better heavy and a better allrounder too. Crap tank all in all, but at least it has the looks.
  12. Nice, two of the maps I struggle the most with I feel. Some nice pointers here, thanks. I tend to be too aggressive on both maps. Fjords must be the map I lose the most on. I must say (as an EU player) I hardly ever see meds going 2/3a/4a. I need to try that.
  13. Great article again. I'm actually playing the T-34-1 for a while now (it's excellent indeed), and am pondering if I should continue the line. I have to say, the WZ-120 (and T-34-2 too) has a certain charm. The idea of such a big gun on that almost T-54 chassis is very tempting. May I ask you if you rate the E-50 higher than the WZ-120? It's not very clear in the article. Actually I'm interested in how you rate all tier 9 meds from best to worst. From what I played, I would rate them: T-54 > E 50 (nevertheless my personal favourite) > Centurion 7/1 > T54E1 (was not a fan. I know it's supposed to be good - just not for me) > M46 Patton > Lorraine 40t. I don't have much experience with PT A, Type 61, 430 II and WZ-120 to rate them (few battles on test server, that's all). I'm curious what your view is, since I love mediums - especially the tier 9's. I don't play much else but meds these days (although it's the last tank class I tried) and I may try another line someday.
  14. I would like it if WG scrapped tier 10 altogether, like someone advocated on FTR today. What would we lose? A few obscure prototypes noone cares about, a few WG abominations/inventions (E3, E4, Waffle, most arty), a select few tanks that actually saw service (IS-4, M48, Leopard), some of the most gamebreaking (not per se OP) tanks at the tier (183, Waffle, Foch 155, arty). Some tanks could probably be retiered to tier 9: IS-4 (with equal hitpoinst it's a worse ST-I now), Maus (it's a joke now anyway and it will be a good occasion to rework the entire line), Batchat (originally a tier 9 of course and fits the line very well, Lorraine could be made a tier 8 prem), maybe some others too (Leo, STB, 50B?) It would lead to an end game with 'real' - often produced - tanks like the M103, Jagdtiger, T95, Tortoise, T-54, IS-8, Conqueror, Centurion, SU-122-54 and so on. All much nicer and more appealing tanks (and as been said, generally much more fitting the techtree) than their tier 10 counterparts. With some retiering, I would personally probably only mourn the loss of the E 100 and Leopard, maybe the IS-7 (but that tank is a shadow of it's real life capabilities anyway).
  15. Too much tanks. 10 Batchat: Just a delight to play. E 50 Ausf. M: Because I love anything E 50. Still training a crew for it though, so no battles so far. T110E5: My first. Don't really like it actually. T57 HT: I still need to learn this tank... T110E3: A true beast. IS-4: I actually like it. Obj. 268: Hardly played since nerf, but it's tier 10... Soon: Object 140, E 100 and Jagdpanzer E 100 (unlocked but no credits) 9 E 75: For the heavy tank play. E 50: Probably my favourite tank, and one of my best. Conqueror: I like it's looks. That's about it. What a crap line. Centurion 7/1: I like tier 9 meds. M103: Don't play it much anymore, but I still like it's looks and gameplay. M46 Patton: I like tier 9 meds. T95: Awesomest looking tonk in game ST-I: Just a magnificent tank. My dpb in it beats all my tier 10 heavies so far. T-54: Great tank, fun to play. Object 704: BL-10 never gets old. Probably more fun than the tier 10 now. 8 Jagdtiger 8.8: Boring tank but makes good credits. And it's a Jagdtiger! Jagdpanther II: Probably most fun TD at this tier. Ferdinand: More because of historical value than anything else. Has been powercreeped. T34: Got it for free, not fun to play though. IS-3: Used to like it a lot. Still do, but it seems somehow weaker now. Object 416: Great med with unique playstyle. Love it. 7 T-34-1: Really clicks with me. I love it. WZ-131: Nice LT to play. Great handling. Tiger I: It's a freaking Tiger. And I train my future E 100 crew in it. Jagdpanther: My first goal in the game. Hardly play it but it still looks so great. E 25: Fun to play from time to time. T29: OP, I know. Still fun to roll out with every now and then. T71: Lovely scout. And the best one. 6 Cromwell: Like it, hardly play it though. Hellcat: Yes I'm guilty of playing this tank a lot. It is a nice tank to play though. KV-2: Great fun, and different. T-34-85: Somehow I'm excellent in this tank. Also trained all my Soviet med crews. 5 ELC AMX: So much fun. And I'm doing great too. M7: Used to like it. May trade it in for a Pershing or Sherman soon though. T49: Another OP tank, yeah I know. But what a fun little tank it is. Churchill III: So boring, not that good. Had some great games while training crews in it though. KV-220: Nice troll tank, trains crews instead of Churchill now. 4 PzKpfw III: Rebought as crew trainer for E 50M since I dislike the German mid tier meds. Ended up liking it... a lot. Will keep it after the crew is ready (almost on 300% now). Hetzer: An old favourite. My first keeper. 3 Pz. I Ausf. C: Nice tank, not my style though. May sell it. T-15: Got it with some special. May sell it. Cruiser IV: Should probably sell this too. M22 Locust: My favourite low tier tank. And it has such good looks. LTP: Well it's unique. That's about it. 2 Pz. 38H735 (f): Pretty unique now, no more for sale. T1E6: I actually kinda like it. It's like a tier 2 Batchat. T7 CC: Still have to try this one out. Light Mk VI C: ditto.
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