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  1. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/576700-goodbye-friends/
  2. How can I tell whats interesting for you and what is not? For me it was worth to watch first in 720p till 1080p version did not finished than watch it for second time. Since I do not want to spoil this Ill give more detailed answer to you here:
  3. I wanted to bang my head to the wall because it was on interwebz already for 7 hrs and I only found out now. Anyway 6 minutes left to finish
  4. On this day 30 years ago, 23 year old Micheal Jordan scored 63 points vs Boston in playoff 

  5. Since you like setting in The Division you may be interested in:
  6. Nice video(in masterrace language) showing places on maps which you can reach after new physics: 


  7. There are 2 versions of software, antivirus and bundle, they probably installed bundle version. I gave link to antivirus only version.
  8. 360 Total Security Why? Because it uses 3 virus definitions, their own, Avira and Bitdefender, and while doing so it doesnt slow your system.
  9. They can have EU tech tree, RU tech tree, USA tech tree, Mid/far east tech tree, why do you think they need separate tech tree for each nation like in 1.0?
  10. They moved it into off-topic to rot, because OE are not same as WG mods who move AW discussions to off-topic. Oh wait.
  11. That would be me and That would again be me. So few Q: Why no EU forum topic? Do members need to love WG on forumz? EDIT: Why didnt you join [ORZY], Circon have MrConway, this would bring balance to the force.
  12. I already pointed out on EU forum some year ago when all were hyped about AW that WG will just use em as guinea pigs. Depends of success of project. If its fail as planes than mashed, if semi success as sheeps than separated.
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