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  1. It's been 2 (nearly 3?) years since I started to play this game. Back then I was new, discovering new tanks and the like, playing higher tiers, obsessed about getting better. Artillery is the same, balance is still inane and infrequent, the clan wars client hilariously enough got worse, laggier and even more incomprehensible. All we've gotten I guess is dumb physics and missions that seem to be about the same as they were 2 years ago. By lord were they shit for a very long time. But yes about this Global Balance 2.0, is this a thing that they've announced? I just have no reas
  2. I've always played this game because it's a shooter that required thinking and didn't punish you overly for having shitty reflexes. It was never really the game for me though and in two weeks I think I'll never ever play tanks again. Overwatch was just so good and logging on today I was shocked at the shitty graphics that put an epic strain on my computer, the stupid pace of the game, and of course got derped for arty because fuck you while bottom tier. This game has nothing for me anymore.
  3. You're allowed to sperg within a reasonable amount. I've only got hit with a chat ban once and by god did I use to sperg. Took a 9 month (or was it 10 month?) break from the game and now I'm play for fun. This game is a lot less aggravating when you can accept that it is and will always be a stupid silly clown fiesta. The only way to enjoy wot in the long term is to enjoy it's absurdity. Ergahd I'm so bad now.
  4. So it's been how many months? Does anyone still play this cancerous game and what's going on?
  5. Can someone tell me what's up with CW? CW was the only thing keeping me in the game, and I have just, for the first time in 2 years not missed tanks despite not playing for an entire week. I might come back and do campaigns etc, if people bugged me but the lack of tier X CW is annoying as fuck. It's really dumb if we have to keep farming and farming mindless stronghold battles just to apply to land.
  6. I've spent an entire week playing hearthstone instead. Similarly free to play, pay to skip grind, similar bullshit RNG but I feel much better because I don't have to put up with stupid matchmaking and one, let alone fourteen idiotic teammates. Have i actually missed anything
  7. Lol. I typed like 6 paras in May and sent in a long support ticket. Doubechecked the next day to make sure it DID go through. It vanished. I thought you guys didn't believe in support tickets anyway? What's escalation exactly?
  8. "We understand that transparency is an issue, and that you all are being upset because of lack of transparency. Thus we will cease discussion" "This thread is generally full of good discussion, but we will close it nonetheless because it upsets us"
  9. Tier ten TDs do hit hard. But when you're talking about tier 6 and below they have so many tanks that can one shot them, while most don't have any useful armor, and Dpm/hp ratio is definitely higher. Sure a JGE might be able to take half your HP, but at tier 6 you have HEAT spamming borsigs and ISUs that can one shot you. Su100s can two shot almost all tier sixes, one shot tier five mediums with a good roll, and all if not all tier fours. Plus when Sky cancer hits you, it's game over pretty much, although not so much splash at those tiers.
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