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  1. I think the new US cruiser line is useless, up until 10.

  2. I'm remembering why I left WoWS...  image.png

    1. OOPMan


      Fucking WG games and the people who play them ;-)

  3. Managed to read your thread even though it was broken, if you were on the Symphony last Sunday/Monday (8th or 9th of July) then me and my gf would have been about 10 miles away staring at it in awe, funny old life. Glad you're doing well!

  4. Your thread is broken, but nice to see you're still alive

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    2. OOPMan


      @cvshaft How did you manage to read it? 

    3. cvshaft


      When I clicked on it, it would take me to the broken link. When I hit the back button it would open it on his update thread. I could screenshot it real quick before it collapsed again lol

    4. OOPMan
  5. Pensacola would not be out of place at tier 5.

    1. Jaegaer


      Historically, I guess. Yes. V or VI would both be viable.

    2. Daerlon


      Lol, I thought you were rating the actual city. As a place, it's a tier 3 at best.

  6. Oddly enough, my grand niece and nephew (14 and 12) loved it far more than their father and me (43 and 37.) In fact, I'm seeing a lot of people who are new to the series really liking this film (while disliking Rogue One) while a lot of SW diehards feel the opposite. Could be confirmation bias, however.
  7. My views have softened a bit after a second viewing. I largely agree with your points. Some people hate Luke's death. I thought it was poignant, well handled, and necessary. And I'm absolutely certain we'll see his force ghost in IX. Speaking of force ghosts... Yoda's actually uses the force to affect the material world. That's a game changer. I want to see if that was a one off thing, or if we might see a force ghost battle at some point. I didn't take issue with Leia's force use. We've known she's strong in the force, she's just never put in the same kind of training as Luke. I
  8. Everything the movie did in space bothered me. Some of it has already been covered. Why does the Supremacy (Snoke's ship) have guns that fire in arcs? That's about as dumb as having bombs that depend on gravity in space. First Order grew out of the Empire. Empire got beat by fighters on multiple occasions. Why the hell hasn't the FO built better anti-starfighter capabilities into their fleets? A single X-Wing can take out enough of the defenses on a dreadnought to render it vulnerable to bomber attack? How terrible are their point defense systems? And why couldn't the fleet
  9. Ugh, I don't visit here often enough anymore... Priority target, expert loader (I switch ammo fairly often) AR Super, DE AFT, Concealment Dropped Hydro this patch in expectation of more CVs. Saw several the first day or two, but they're getting scarce again. Might go back to hydro soon. I've gotten the stats up a bit, though still only at 46%
  10. I believe the WG fucking with me theory. Lost a 216k damage match yesterday. I don't play it significantly differently than other cruisers... just can't seem to win. I see people on youtube parking in open water adn firing unimpeded. I tuck in close to an island, and get shot when not spotted. Sometimes, my hydro fails to pick up torps. I love the ship... just seems that I lose 6 games out of 5.
  11. Doing something wrong in the Hindenburg. Really can't figure it out. My numbers look decent. At the very least, better than a 40% win rate would suggest... Any ideas?
  12. Bomber Crew was a great distraction for a few days.

  13. Did they change spotting range on torps in Wows?

    1. Assassin7


      IIRC the Shimas 20km torps were 2.1km spotting? go check that and see if its different. 


    2. BiggieD61


      They did a pretty large rebalance on torps and detection ranges back in the pre-6.0 series of WoWs.  They made the detection of the 20km torps 2.5 km and dropped the speed to 62 knots.  At the opposite end of the spectrum are the Khab torps - they have only 6km range and a speed of 53 knots, but they have a 0.5km detection range  So yes, you need to look carefully at the torps to see what the current detection range is.

    3. Deusmortis


      Meant more recently than that.  Was playing for the first time in a few weeks yesterday.  Didn't see torps until it was too late.  Used to see them from much further out.

  14. First WoWP problems:  I have a ground attack mission that requires winning.  But winning is impossible, unless I take a fighter...

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    2. Deusmortis


      Lost a game earlier, 597 to 33.  My team had the 597, but decided to all die after the squall.

    3. Haswell


      GA don't win games. Bombers don't win games. You can remove those two CLASSES from the game and exactly nothing will change.

      That's how irrelevant GA was, is, and will be,

    4. Deusmortis


      Until I have idiot teammates/bots who die to air defense planes, making it impossible to cap a point until more air defense planes spawn.  At that point, there isn't much a slow fighter can do.

  15. P-51 is as OP as ever.  Can beat 109/110 in energy fights, and everything else in turn fights.

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    2. Deusmortis


      I pulled a 20k base XP in UP/Japan planes mission today.  I think I'll start those two lines.

    3. Tedster59


      I pulled a 20k base xp in USSR/UK planes.  Thank goodness I picked up a Seafang for the T8-10 missions.

    4. Deusmortis


      Still no 8s.  Will have a 262 before long, though.  And my leveling idea was shot down by the inability to sell more than a few planes per day.

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