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  1. What direction is the fan blowing on your cpu heatsink, is it pulling air into the heatsink from the back? Usually when I see those heatsinks, the fan is mounted on the other side and pushing air into the heatsink, so that the rear fan can exhaust the air.  80s are rather high temps if not worrisome for that cpu.  If that is a coolermaster 212 cpu cooler, for example, I have the same cpu cooler and I idle at around 30C, your min temps of mid 50s suggest perhaps thermal paste is not applied well.


  2. I had this glorious machine for my first few years of college. 1996? Nissan Quest.


    I loved that thing, it has personality, and I had tons of fun in it.

    Someone ended up hitting the van while it was parked and it wasn't worth fixing, so I got a new car.  I drive an 2015 Acura ILX now, just a civic with more features.  Parents choice, not really mine, because we bought it new for 6k under msrp.  They wanted me to have a safe car after the van.



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