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  1. su-100, followed by jp2, then when i was converted to medium master race, e50, and e50m. :3
  2. im coming for that dark purple recent bb. gonna name change as meows_externally or barks_rectally
  3. Wait please, no. "Completely unaffiliated with Bulba" Pls. Come lead us in our charge to be bad. Lets not talk about how much I regret doing this.
  4. Got a lanyard at homedepot today, #makinselaproud http://i.imgur.com/Xw3RmYS.jpg

  5. I usually find if the shot you want to take requires a trade, its usually not worth it. Like aga said, your hp is generally more important to conserve than the enemy's is to reduce. Save hp for later game so you can make the trades when they're more needed, so you carry late game harder. Sometimes if I know a corner is dangerous, I'll wait to get un lit, scrape a bit, and take a snapshot. I try to give them little to no chance of hitting me, while still giving myself the chance of landing some snaps, better than trading hp.
  6. Moved into new house with roomies closer to campus and we didn't have a TV yet. http://i.imgur.com/TvfX4NM.jpg

    1. Solono


      Back in my day that would have been a milk crate and not an actual stand, also B/W TV

    2. tomhwk


      Ooooo, I should get a milk crate, so it'll feel more homey.

  7. Can't wait to read this, jp2 used to be my favorite tank! Glad to see a review on it now.
  8. No me! I'm actually usually on super late most of the time and have issues finding late night platoons. I just don't like anything below tier 6, and my current choice of 8s is terrible right now. Lowe and vk45a. Soon to get an is3 though.
  9. @_@ Accidentally voted for karelia instead of komarin, this is why I should stay off the forums when I've been up all night. Thanks for all the articles though! Since komarin is changing the next patch, I wonder if you could review both of them? Before and after?
  10. so glorious. this is one of my favorite videos now.
  11. I love how Garbad is featured on the image previews of the app. Loving the app so far! Thanks for putting this out!
  12. #halping As much as I would like to edit forum title, I find the current ones hilarious already.
  13. This. Unless there's another shot coming up, it is usually worth just taking the shot. Or if you don't want to break camo.
  14. I've been hearing people complain about pubbie RNG for a while now. You probably do hit shots just like that, you just don't notice them nearly as often. Purple players just take more shots in general, even if they aren't good shots, because it's worth playing the RNG game for that chance that it WILL hit, and taking those many extra shots usually leads you to getting a couple of those crazy rng shots every game. But when a pubbie snapshots you its just RNG luck? They take those shots all the time, most of them don't hit, but some will still roll good, just like yours. It just seems like
  15. 0_0 -Trying really hard to upboat, but I used my quota... T_T -gotit
  16. So did I, in fact I still have 1. >_> I should probably get on that. And a welcome to wotlabs from me too. :3
  17. I know that feel man, I just focus on recent now and watch my overall slowly climb.
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