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  1. How many clips of gold do you usually load? I load 2 clips, because any more and I'll go broke in an instant.
  2. Yep, even though I was only there for like a week before it disbanded, I'm going to miss it. RIP VEX.
  3. I need to join this club, just had a great game in one today. http://wotreplays.com/site/710155#ruinberg-tomhwk-amx_13_90
  4. Happy to see the jp2 get some love, it was my favorite tank for a while. I just researched the isu-152, looking forward to it if it's even better than the jp2. :3
  5. I regret not voting for the arty now. It would have been a tie between the lorraine and the arty.
  6. I need to try this, I use hd650s, and use an 8 dollar logitech headset i just wear around my neck for a mic. A clip-on sounds like a much easier way to go.
  7. Congrats! Hopefully I'll be joining you too! :3
  8. I'm curious about this as well. I used to get around 2 ping on the east coast servers, but after I moved off campus from school, into an apartment, my ping went up to around 18-22? It was a 4 mi move, and I don't this 4 miles will cost me 15+ ping. Maybe they switched to another server location at the same time I moved? Maybe college campus internet was just really good and residential internet has to go through more crap? 15 ping really doesn't matter, but it was always entertaining to me when I had a ping of 2. Felt like I was sitting on top of the servers or something.
  9. Wow, just broke 1100 win8 overall, feels like I just passed 1000 a week ago, wait. It was only a week...

  10. I use a logitech g9x, but I'm not sure if they're discontinued now. I believe logitech came out with a whole new line of gaming mice, I think they're worth a look.
  11. Haha yeah, sophomore currently. Ahoy friend.
  12. I didn't have trouble watching his stream yesterday on source, but the chat just never connected. :< I guess 100k people spamming "anarchy" and "democracy" does that.
  13. http://gifsound.com/?gif=i.imgur.com/dwkkWVa.gif&v=moSFlvxnbgk&s=59
  14. I was around 650 win7 at 4k battles, which is tomato I believe, now I'm just passing the 1k win7 mark. Once you start improving, the only place to go is up! It's fun to watch your stats increase every time you play. At the end of every day and week, I always check noobmeter to see how much my playing that week changed my stats. Just this week I raised my win8 by 62. This place is a goldmine of information. I'm new here too and I look forward to learning with you. :3
  15. Just went to see the anohana movie a few weeks ago with nicook5, any of you guys here watched Redline? It's one of my favorites. :3 but I've been on break from watching anime for a bit, from what I hear though, I really need to catch up on kill la kill. I'm slowly watching katanagatari atm. Loving it so far.
  16. oh if it isn't the "fart king", making his presence known on this thread as well
  17. o7o7o7, lool Yeah, SAKU is a Girls and Panzer clan. :3
  18. Main image: I am currently a college student living off campus in an apartment of 4 peeps, this is my corner. :3 There are 5 desktops in the room, each with a minimum of 2 monitors each. :3 :3 :3 Inside of my main computer I have: images: I use 4 monitors, 27in samsung, 28in hanns-g, 20in acer, 19in acer. The 28in monitor I found on craigslist for 20 dollars. No joke. It works, its clean, it was 20 dollars. The 19in acer, which I have propped up on a cardboard box, cost me 10 dollars from an electronic recycling place, it works perfectly fine too. I
  19. I'll be throwing you onto my friends list asap, :3
  20. Just broke 1000 win8 overall, and rolled over 51.5% wr. :3 My disgusting past is finally haunting me less and less.



      Congrats, and shhhh oneechan

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      good job, your stats are better than mine

    3. Nicook5


      ur about me scurs me :c

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  21. Ahh, yeah that's true, I just recently got sixth sense on the tank so I'm still learning how to utilize it better. I'm sure there's another guide on that here somewhere. Thanks for all the input!
  22. Haha yeah, I'm always afraid to move up to that C1 position, I've had a lot of bad experiences, since its hard to really get enough gun depression there without going practically over the hill and into the open. I guess the type59 in that game had already pushed up far enough so I should have known that those bushes in J1 were clear, so it wouldn't be a threat. I think I also don't quite understand how camo works either. I need to check out a guide on that.
  23. Thanks for the feedback! I'll watch the replay again with your comments to guide me. Yeah, I just started shooting gold and forgot really... I'm pretty good at tunnel visioning and forgetting everything except getting that next pen. One of my friends also suggested I use optics instead of binocs on the JP2, I figured the binocs would be better for me since I literally just sit and camp, but maybe I should try optics? Is it so that when I move up the extra viewrange lets me spot them instantly without having to wait for the binocs to kick in? I can see how that is strategically superior to g
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