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  1. After reading posts on this thread, I guess I'm making a huge mistake not using replays to learn. Usually when I browse to learn, I'm in class or somewhere else I can't play, so it's easier to just read a text guide. But I think I'll start looking at some replays, anyone have any particular replays they would recommend? I saw Eagle_Peak post some.
  2. Yeah, I'm still kinda sketched out by the 4TB drives, and question their reliability, 2TB have been around for ages, and the ones I have are still going strong. That cpu cooler looks like overkill though unless you're going to be overclocking that thing hard. And yeah, the sound card is most likely unnecessary unless there is some output on the sound that you need that isn't on the motherboard. I use an Asus Xonar ST card because I drive my headphones through it.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to wotlabs forums, but have been trying to improve my play for a long time after my coming to the late realization that stats mattered. I used to suicide scout in my t-50 and just play like crap in general, just to die early and move onto another tank so that I could grind more experience "faster". My thought process was similar to those crap players who argue that experience per game doesn't matter, and that experience per hour does. I can't believe I used to think that way, but now that I have been enlightened, I am here to learn and fix my stats. I still have lots to lear
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