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  1. b t w, i heard brett was getting a new pc with that v e g a s c a s h m o n e y he won
  2. Edit: Done with midterms!!! How did everyone do on their exams? Spring break next week for anyone else? :^) I look forward to our educational A N I M E M E E T I N G Also I redownloaded my favorite waifu simulator, GTA5
  3. still waiting on that anime meeting fam when are we going to learn the real world applications?
  5. That is such a sick video. China will grow larger. I can't wait to see Chai again.
  6. Hey, when are the next fights? :^) I want to try out my new lowe. But actually, I don't have a clue which tank to pick so... What is everyone else picking? :^) Also my main PC hit the fan and is having some issues, I think the 4 year old ssd I've been using as a boot drive is on the highway to hell, gonna figure it out when I have time. Temporarily on server pc to do "hw".
  7. When youre in a toon, and youre in a heavy tank because youre bad at going fast or shooting fast or aiming fast or being fast or thinking fast or. and you go to the other side of the map from your platoon, and okay you know maybe thisll be alright i mean lets just take a look at how many heavies the enemy team has and okay okay okay okay, itll be fine, is7 is a great tank, i just need to find a good spot to get hull down, think of all the damage i can farm, i mean this will be no problem, just as long as all the big tds arent he- *jpe gets lit* OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY, ITLL BE
  8. Oh boy, just got some gold from our wonderful new depcom Dia for some more prem time! Time to put that gold to good use! Now how do I play this game again? time to try to get good Ahh, the fresh smell of Lakeville, -revs engine- I remember this feeling just like yesterday, it went so well from north, when I went to that scout bush that aggressor told me to go to that I really wasn't feeling, but you know everything turned out well in the end, and oh hey the conditions of the track look great today just like that game, and im in a sick platoon with my good friends who also happe
  9. These questions need more answer choices, lol. Like "none" "other". You'd probably benefit from an "other" field with a place to enter in something. Unless you're just looking for a best out of the answers provided. Wouldn't the "reasonable price-range" answer be entirely dependent on the features offered, build quality, and etc? What are we supposed to answer there? If it's a basic mouse, then the lower option, if its full of features and built well, of course people would be willing to spend more... I don't understand the purpose of the question.
  10. i have seen the light http://i.imgur.com/Gd6t50F.gifv <- proper etiquette http://i.imgur.com/Np5WmrA.gifv <- double tap
  11. Tfw when you join a platoon and they're already on tilt, and you can't leave because it would be rude, and you were having a great session before and maybe Tfw you're playing e50m and aggressor yells at you go to the light tank bush and you're not sure if it's going to work and damn this tank is def larger than you remember and oh man this bush is way smaller than you remember and oh man if you drive just a little more asian you could end up in the lake and oh dear you can't remember if you were greedy and took off optics for vents and what if you don't light anything because your cr
  12. Man I would love a unicum watch, except there's one problem. I'm not even a real bluenicum, for under my blue overall lies a true teal.
  13. Roommates got me some birthday presents along with a pokemon game. :3 See you guys in a week.
  14. hello, looking for friends to play a new mmo i found http://store.steampowered.com/app/380600/
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